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    outer wall made of single brick width only

    :mrgreen: yes I liked that. Thanks for the reminder about bays, I think it might have been neo69 or noseall who posted pictures a while back of the wooden support frame below a bay being celotexed and taped. I thought the same for this single brick wall. Dean.
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    outer wall made of single brick width only

    hello Stuart, no about 2 mile inland in suburbs. Being relatively new build 1950's,(most of the houses I look after are late Victorian), I'm surprised at finding this single wall.
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    outer wall made of single brick width only

    thanks Stuart145. I take your point. Customer has radiator on and tries to have D/G window ajar within reason, groundfloor room and facing the wind off the hills. The damp is only on walls with driving rain which made me think the CWI was wicking across the void. I still believe this is...
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    outer wall made of single brick width only

    thanks for both of you replying, I've seen you both regularly on the forum. I'll write further when I get back from work. I can't see what Building regs can say about taking out the CWI. Further, in my own opinion, based on the properties I look after, it has increased damp. I try to keep to...
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    outer wall made of single brick width only

    That's why I'm getting the insulation out. The single skin, laid stretcher( not header fashion like Victorian houses) ,I hadn't seen before on an outside wall. Thanks for reply.
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    outer wall made of single brick width only

    thanks for replying 1990. The front wall must be double to take the bay window, but the wall returning to the front door is definitely one skin, I could see the kids toys through the 4" deep drilled hole. I've seen plenty of garage walls single but not house wall. It looks like the other wall...
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    outer wall made of single brick width only

    evening to the Forum. A customer has suffered from damp and condensation since having cavity wall insulation some years ago.I vacuumed some by getting into the eves of the bungalow. I tried to get more at ground level outside by removing the pebbledash and attempted to take out a brick.I was...
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    Plastered board joints

    +1. Change them for tapered. You need the depth of filler. Alternatives are skim the lot , or scrim and feather out. This can look like a speed bump in the hands of the inexperienced.
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    Fence Post Removal

    got me interested. Charcoal and an airblower? How long ? Posts set in concrete paths that customers want left undamaged are worst. Anything from 3 hours to two days.
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    Fence Post Removal

    definitely wouldn't work with the average rotted wooden fence post set in a large ... ... .
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    plastering over metal beam and brick

    hello, I would appreciate opinion on plastering the uncovered bricks in the picture. The new beam rests on the original brick wall .I think something needs to be done to overcome different expansion rates, (eg like EML tacked over a wooden lintel prior to replastering) but not 100% sure and...
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    shutting off bath and basin

    For this and future washer changes fit isolator valves before the taps.
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    hook and band

    evening to the Forum. I have double gates( 6ft x 3ft each) to fit.Advice appreciated from the fencing regulars, are adjustable hook and band hinges better choice than ordinary h & b. I'll be fitting them on my own. Thank you.
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    Fence post repairs

    take along a Henry vac, discard the chrome bend, pipe straight in the hose.Length of round plastic conduit to prod out the inevitable blockages. No bag.As Burnerman said, long auger and chisel, and suck out the wood flakes.
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    dumb query:Do we really need to fill plasterboard joints?

    use Easifill. It's expensive compared to an ordinary powdered filler but cheaper that buying more plasterboards after rubbing too hard.
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    my oldest was a tin of gloss( with Texas or Fads on the price tag) from 1988 that I had hoarded. Used it in 2010 at home not at customers. When lid come off I remembered the joys of indoor (oil based) glossing.
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    Ratio of wall width to coping stone width

    just enough to have a drip groove?
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    dismantling a mira discovery rigid arm showerhead

    evening, anyone been asked to decoke the above? There's a screw in the middle but still nothing came off. Advice appreciated.
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    garage door repaint

    unless you're taking the whole door back to bare metal then you'll have paint edges, they're hard work by hand. I used circular abrasive discs on a rubber backing plate and screwed to a spindle operated by a drill. Try to use progressively finer discs. There are a range of more sophisticated...
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    Relaying slabs

    hello r896, I've taken notice of your good advice long before my first Forum contribution.