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    Galaxy Dimension occasional COM FAIL

    Thanks. I'll check the module version and get back to you. SelfMon has been utterly reliable, as you suggest, and I don't think that's the problem - all the events I expected to see were in the log, including one a few minutes after the COM fault occurred. (I'm sniffing the RS485 links, so I...
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    Galaxy Dimension occasional COM FAIL

    Yes; the message I see is: COMM FAIL COM 4
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    Galaxy Dimension occasional COM FAIL

    Every so often (many months apart), my Galaxy Dimension system reports a COM FAIL for no discernible reason, and this happened again yesterday. I'm using the E080 Ethernet interface, configured according to the selfmon instructions. The system has a dedicated router port and its own private...
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    Galaxy Dimension - fully removing RF RIO

    Hi all, I've had intermittent RF Jam errors with the RF RIO on my Galaxy Dimension, and as the zones covered are non-essential, I decided to remove the RF RIO entirely and revert to the wired sensors. I physically disconnected the RF RIO from the main alarm panel, terminating the alarm bus...