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    Part M: removing bathroom and adding cloakroom ground floor

    It's something that came in with the 2004 ADM, I would suggest you look at page 72 and diagrams to see if yours meets this standard or if you can show the space to the WC is no worse than before. Just know what you need to achieve and try to negotiate with them.
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    Private versus council building inspectors - please discuss

    The local council will likely have more local knowledge but getting the plans passed and questions answered may take longer. Private inspectors can work anywhere and often "partner" companies (with all the positives and negatives this brings) but tend to be more flexible. As far as I am...
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    Where and how much does it cost to do electrician training?

    I was just asked in passing hence the lack of info, as someone mentioned a become an electrician in a week and earn £££ course they saw in the paper but I suggested that things that seem too good to be true often are. I have told them to go look at the local colleges etc for courses and that it...
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    Where and how much does it cost to do electrician training?

    I have been asked what sort of places offer electrician training and what sort of price is this?
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    Taming an out of control garden

    When I first moved in my OH had let the garden nature and get a bit out of control, we cut the garden back as best we could but could not get it back under control as I had got too bad. We cut everything back as best as we could and removed the plants that had gotten to out of control and...
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    Basic Loft Conversion

    I'm not trying to cause an argument here, he came and asked advice which I gave for the project of a loft to use as an office. The below is taken from planning portal website. Boarding-out for storage In most homes, the existing timber joists that form the "floor" of the loft space (...
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    Basic Loft Conversion

    The fact is you cannot have a loft conversion and have a loft ladder as access! If you want an office up there, it's classed as a habitable room so fire escape is needed, especially as there is nothing to stop a future owner deciding to use it as a kids bedroom. More info on here...
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    Insulation Requirements

    It's true I'm afraid, all part of their idea to gradually upgrade the existing housing stock. The regs require it to be brought up to almost current standards, but do allow for reasonableness such as you are loosing headroom or quite a lot of floor space. Without knowing the exact products...
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    Basic Loft Conversion

    As you will have your office up there it will need building regulations for the conversion. You will need to insulate the loft at rafter level, upgrade the floor joists and put in a proper stair (loft ladders are not allowed) you could have a alternating tread/paddle stair if you are short on...
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    Help required in relation to neighbours building

    If his extension is connected to yours, they should have a party wall act document with you. This is where I would start, get a party wall surveyor involved.
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    Boiler replacement and adding underfloor heating

    What more information would you need to get a better idea?
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    Boiler replacement and adding underfloor heating

    Thanks for the replies, I did look on the Internet but apparently most people get a man in and get it all done in one go. We will have to get someone to do the boiler, but the boring bit of laying pipes I'm sure we can manage.
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    Boiler replacement and adding underfloor heating

    We are looking to replace our boiler when the weather is warmer and also install underfloor heating. I don't think it is possible for us to clear out all our junk in one go to allow one large underfloor install as we are hoping to do this ourselfs separately for the ground and first floors...
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    Laying artificial turf

    We replaced our lawn with artificial turf when we did our garden, I would like to have had proper grass but having dogs meant it never lasted too long. We did the install ourselves and it was fairly simple. We have had it about a year now and it still looks good, every so often I give it a...
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    Side access path to front door- minimum width?

    It would seem sensible to ensure it is as wide as the front door, however there is no specific dimension in building regulations.
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    Means Of Escape Vs Child Safety

    You can always fit or get windows pre fitted with restrictors that will also open as a MOE window if required. I'm sure you don't see the need to muck about with your windows BUT imagine if there was a fire at your house and someone was hurt or worse. Would you then be going back to building...
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    Can a garden room be attached to the house?

    Not too sure on the planning side of things but as far as building regs go this is my thoughts. Have they kept the original house separated from the garden room? Is there no or seperate heating provided to this room? If the answers to both of these is yes they have themselves a very nice...
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    What sort of flooring?

    Thanks for the reply. Carpet of any sort is definitely a no go in our house, too much mud about that sticks to it. I'd asked in shops about vinyl but they had all said it was a no go for stairs. Vinyl would be better for us I think as is most water resistant and cleanable. Do they do smaller...
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    catnic lintels - building control required?

    New opening in a loadbearing wall means regs are needs.
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    'Energy saving' scam call

    Exactly, so if more people did it we may get rid of these annoying cold callers for good!