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    Kitchen - quartz worktop

    Hello all, looking for place who can supply and fit the quartz worktop, there are so many options out there, what is the best place to get this done? Please help out here. Many thanks.
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    Below flat complaint of my water leak? Why so sure??

    Ok. A bit of a story here. I had a complaint from the below flat about a leak from my flat? The baseman flat also complained. Me - 1st floor Complaint 1 - Ground Floor flat Complaint 2 - baseman flat So the situation is, Had a look at ground floor flat, the leak comes half way through her...
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    Best MDF edge sealer?

    Hello all. Just wondering what you guys do to seal up the edges on mdf? So far, I have seen: -Undercoat primer -wood filler -PVA with water THere are a lot more but I forgot what they are now.. Also, found this vid on youtube, looking at 4:31 - that stuff looks pretty amazing. What's...
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    kitchen : (cooker to socket distance)

    Hi What is the distance for sockets to the Hob? I had an electrician yesterday to say that it is 300mm, another one said it is 150mm? My sockets are currently 150mm away from the Hob. Can someone confirm who is actually right? Many thanks
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    Do I need a new electric certificate?

    OK. so in short. The flat was rented out and already had certificate. i bought it and had some renovation work done. It had new electric for spot light supply in the ceiling. New electrics in the bathroom. New plugs put around (about 6) Nothing had been touched in the fuse box. Do I...
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    Corner bead on existing dry wall

    Hello guys Planning to do my corner bead on the walls at the moment. The guy who converted this flat did a very bad job with the corners. Instead of using corner bead, he used 2 separate strips, which I've never seen before. Anyway, Am I correct in saying that in order to do this, I will...
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    what wood for drawers?

    Hello all. I am building a desk at the moment. Building the drawers now. What wood would you go for? MDF, plywood? -The faces of the drawer -The internal Layers of the drawer What thickness for the face? -18mm or -12mm? What Thickness for the internal? -18mm or -12mm? Many thanks...
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    plastering around electric back box

    Hi, When relocating electric back box, do I have to use proper plaster - the brown plaster to do the filling? Can I use a joint compound or filler at all? Thanks, Gaz
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    dot and dab tiling

    Hello all, I know dot and dab is not the right way to tile. I had been a victim of dot and dab, the fitter had done it this way, I complaint and did not get anywhere, now he had ran away! So leaving me all these mess to sort. Budget is an issue for me at the moment, I do want to get it...
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    What trade do I need?

    Hi I am sorry if this is in the wrong section. I am looking for trade(s) for the following: -Install corner bead -Plaster corner bead (with joint compound) -filling in walls -Smooth out walls, possibly to skim coat If anyone could shed some lights on what trade or trades I will need to do...
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    How much should I expect to pay "sprayer"

    Hello all, A few questions I want to ask for everyone's professional advice really. The following on my house will require painting: Custom desk (MR-MDF) Desk is about 2Metres long, should I just get the worktop and the face of the drawers sprayed? Or full on spray including inside the...
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    What is this Mechanism??

    Hi All Hope you are all well! I am building some wood works at the moment and looking for the following mechanism as shown in the youtube video @0:56 : If anyone could shed some light as to where I can buy these then that would be much appreciated. Many thanks Gaz
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    Kitchen - Can you fit push openers to integrated appliances

    Hi, As per title really. Are push openers strong enough to be fitted to integrated appliances? Such as fridge and washing machines? Much thanks.
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    Electric bodging disaster ?????

    Alright everyone, please don't judge me, I am wanting some advice as to what I can do here.. Had a builder come in to do the electrics and Looked at what he has done, and the only words came out of my mouth was "what the Fxxk"!!!!! Can someone look at this and let me know if I am correct in...
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    False ceiling - bad work?

    Hi, I have had a builder came in to do a false ceiling for me, he used wood studs to support the plasterboard. He has got to the stage where it is all plastered. I got myself a ladder and pushed the ceiling and find that they have some flex to it, ie. not hard firm. You can almost see it...
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    Who to contact? To check flat safety and built quality?

    OK, long story short. I have unfortunately got myself a builder with bad workmanship. He has done the following: False ceilings (bathroom) false ceilings (studio room) Plastering electrics Customer wood works Laminate flooring Plumping tiling bathroom Gas (relocating boiler) I am really...
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    Kitchen hob extractor (stop leaking air Question)

    Hello all, Building a new kitchen at the moment. had a new hole drill for the extractor fan. When it comes to insulation, making sure no air can be escaped through any gaps and the extractor fan itself What is the best approach round this? Are there any Ducking pipe and fan system that only...
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    Painting MR-MDF desk

    Hello all, in process of building a mdf desk at the moment. I have gone for mr mdf and was wondering if someone could shed some light on painting it? -what is the procedures of preping it for painting? does it need sanding and priming? -What paint should I use? -Is it possible to get a glossy...
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    Builder tiled bathroom without preping walls

    Hello All Need some of your advice on this one. My builder took on my job to re-tile all walls in my bathroom. Below are pictures of what it looks like at present. -I have only just realised that the builder did not stripe off the old paint and just tiled it over the existing paint...
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    Looking for a mechanism - custom desk with bar table

    Hello all, As above really, I am looking for a mechanism for my custom made desk with bar table. I will show picture below, if anyone has any idea what mechanism to buy for it, then that would be a huge help for me..... FYI, basically it would be a mechanism that is height adjustable. Many...