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    Veritas House Alarm Not Setting

    I had a power cut whilst i was at work, when i came home the light was still flashing, i put the code in and pressed reset, all was good. Now when i try to set the alarm by putting the code in I don't get the alarm set beeps ? Would a new battery help ? Thanks for any help
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    Cardale Electric Garage Door, Remote Problem

    I have a Nov 2004 Cardale Thermaglide Roller Shutter, I have a problem with the remotes. I use 2 remotes, recently both have been intermittent so I thought Id change the batteries but was still the same. I then thought I'd reprogram both remotes, now one works perfect but the 2nd won't...
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    Hotpoint Frost Free Fridge & Freezer Warm - Timer Maybe

    Hi My Parents have a Hotpoint Mistral FF60, If the fridge & freezer is warm. Ice cream is not hard They have thermometers in both compartments Freezer is reading -15 Fridge is reading +10 ......... fridge setting is turned up to number 8 with 9 being max I believe this model of...
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    Air Lock In Central Heating - New TRV's Just Fitted

    I have a conventional central heating system with a header tank in the loft. I've just fitted these Siemens TRV's from Screwfix They are Bi-Directional so don't think it's them causing...
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    Fitting TRV's To Plastic Pipes ?

    My house was built about year 2000, i have 9 radiators which use plastic pipes rather than copper, I'm guessing 10mm definatly not 15mm. It is a traditional system - not a combi ,I'm thinking of fitting TRV's to the rads. Would I need a different kind of TRV because of the plastic pipes ? I...
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    Building Regs & Cavity Wall Insulation ??

    My house is a 5 year old 3 bed detached, Would Building Regulations at the time of building require the builder(McDermott homes) to install Cavity Wall Insulation of some kind ? The walls inside are dry lined plasterboard.
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    Van Insurance Web Sites ??

    Can anyone recommend any web sites to get insurance quotes for vans from ? A mates asked me to try and get a couple of online quotes - He's a builder, 43, looking to insure a P reg Transit. Thanks Guys :wink: Edit - Last year he paid £500 with Direct line his renewel came through at £600...
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    Plug In Wall Timers & Low Energy Fluorescent Lighting ??

    I have a tall standing Uplighter currently with a 60Watt bulb in - (Max Allowed) I planned on fitting a 15Watt Low Energy Bulb and plugging it into a wall timer for when I'm out. I've just read the instructions of the wall timer and under the Safety Warning/Instructions it says "The timer is...
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    Boiler/CH Settings ??

    I live in a 3 bed detached 5 year old house with Conventional Heating with 9 Single Panel Finned Radiators. I use to have the CH pump on Speed 3, The Boiler on Full(6), The Water Temp on my cylinder on 60C. and all worked fine. I've just replaced the CH Pump and thought I'd try it on Speed 1...
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    Balancing Radiators - Any Tips/Sites

    Has anyone any tips or web sites on balancing radiators ? (Not on my head) :shock: Isn't there a tool you can buy for it ? Whats it called and roughly how much ? Thanks guys :wink:
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    Drilling Brickwork ??

    I've recently had a single brick detached garage built :D I'm now interested in putting up a few shelves, brackets for ladders etc Would I be best drilling the Brick or the Cement ?
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    Building Regs - Notice Before work Commences

    I'm about to have a Detached Garage built, I was under the impression that you have to give 5 days notice before starting work, I'm sure i read it somewhere :? But all I can find now is 2 clear days, ie put form in on Mon can start work on Thurs. I'm planning on handing my Application for...
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    Plans - Is Height Dimension Required ?

    I've just had a set of plans drawn, ready for me to submit for approval. The plans are for a Detached Single Storey Garage to be located in my back garden. I've noticed though that the height has been missed of the drawings, Will the council require this or will just the length and width be OK...
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    Building Close To Boundry ??

    I'm planning on having a detachd garage built in my back garden, about to get some plans drawn over the next few weeks. I want the garage as close as possible to the neighbours fence, How close could a builder get it ? Considering foundations etc. I want the internal width 11ft anyone any...
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    Building Insurance & Mortgage Provider ??

    I've had my House/Mortgage coming up to 12 months now. The Mortgage and Building Insurance is with Nationwide. The Nationwide just sent me details of next months/years premiums for the Building Insurance which works out at £171 a year. I've had a quote of AXA for £108 a year. If i take...
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    Cavity Wall Insulation With Dry Lined Walls ??

    Hi There, My house is 4 years old with dry lined walls and was thinking about having Cavity Wall Insulation fitted. Would this be worth while or would my house be insulated enough already ? I'm not sure what insulation the builders have done to the walls at the moment . Any advice...