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    Flat green roof

    Hey! I am about to finish concrete block walls in my outer building. Next step would be to lay a roof on it. I am planning to build a green roof. I built a proof of concept on my bin shelter and it seems to work pretty well. So basically i am thinking to build a wooden frame, lower on one side...
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    Front garden fence

    Hey Guys, I bought a house with terrible front garden fence, and i have no idea how to approach it. It is made of concrete, seems solid inside (not bricked) and rendered with pebbles, of which most are missing. Anyone had any luck repairing something like that? Ideally i would like to keep it...
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    Screeding the shed

    Hey everyone! I am building a concrete block shed, or rarher two sharing one wall. Each one a bit smaller than 7x5 meters. I am about to pour foundation, 60cm deep, 30cm thick and take the blocks from there until i get a bit over the ground level. Next i will want to lay a concrete slab within...
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    Grey water in shed

    Hey All, I am building a concrete block shed with an outdoor (roofed with bifold doors in front) kitchen. I want to have there gas bbq, small gas hob, both connected to the same gas bottle, and a little sink. That way i can spend more time outside and cook there. I would use sink to wash hands...
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    Electricity in shed

    Hey all! I am building a concrete block shed and summer kitchen at the back of my garden. I am going to run water, internet and power there. Do i need a qualified electrician to sign it off? I have some experience with running installations so i can do it safely etc. Also i am not 100%...