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    How can I test shower flow w/crap taps?

    So I've got a bit of a conundrum here. I'm in the process of replacing my ancient tub and am trying to figure out if I need to call out an electrician to help me fit a power shower. I have a combi boiler and I get excellent pressure to all taps, but not my old tub. I suspect (hope) this...
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    Folding door advice - PVC, Veneer, or Aluminum?

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to replace my aging (and crumbling) French doors with folding doors. I was curious if anyone has any real world feedback on the type of material I should be looking for? I would prefer to avoid PVC, but on the same side I am weary of veneer - will it hold up against...
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    PVC Flashing?

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone heard of replacing lead flashing with PVC? My neighbour is putting in a loft extension and part of the work is to re-shingle his side of the roof. The problem is currently our roof has lead flashing, but his builders are replacing it with a PVC-based model I think. I...
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    Biasi (Riva Compact) on/off problem

    Hi Everyone, A few days ago, the ch part just stopped working, full stop on our Biasi. dhw still works just fine, but no matter what I do to reset the boiler, I still get the dreaded 4 blinks per second of death from the status light. The odd thing is, the boiler periodically fires up and...
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    Silicone rubber sealant: where can I find?

    Hi Everyone, I desperately need to draught-proof two existing box sashes in my drafty Victorian terrace. One of the sashes I plan on renovating next spring. Now I can't because I'm broke! Damn Christmas.... Anyway, I read with great interest the page detailing the various methods to draught...
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    Heating question

    Does anyone have any experience with installing a heating system under the floorboards? Is it expensive and difficult to lift up the floorboards to a original Victorian house? My wife and I are moving into a fixer upper next month, and one of the things that needs doing is the central...