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    Tradesman wont give final invoice?

    This is a bit of a strange one. I had a home extension built which was finished 18months ago and still haven't received the final invoice from the electrician despite me chasing him many times. His original quote was about £5k, and there was some variance to the work completed, eg some extra...
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    Wall extractor vent positioning

    Are there any building regs for the positioning of the vent on for a 5" wall mounted extractor fan? The only location I have would mean positioning it between a door frame and an internal corner of an external wall. I know if this was a flue on a boiler it would not pass regs, but can't find...
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    Do I need to vent kitchen sink waste?

    I need to run approx 4m straight length of 40mm kitchen waste. This will be connected to the kitchen sink and a dishwasher. I will put rodding points at either end of the 4m pipe. Do I also need to vent the pipe? I thought I read that if the pipe was over 3m a vent is needed, but I can't find...
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    Filling floor cavity void to fit sliding doors

    I'm having a set of external floor to ceiling glass sliding doors fitted, and the door fitters have advised that I need to fill the current (55mm) cavity void to level with the top of the floor brick work as the door frame needs to sit on a solid base. The frame will sit on the outside course of...
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    Infrared heater - wiring question

    I have an infrared heater panel that I want to ceiling mount in a bathroom. It is IP44 rated , 350W and comes pre fitted with a 5A fused plug. It doesn't have any controls. I want to have it working off a timer with a separate isolator switch. I'm not worried about having a thermostat...
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    Leaking heated towel rail valve

    Can anyone offer any advice on how to stop this leaking where shown , where the circlip is. I'm hoping I don't have to drain the system to remove the valve... [/url]
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    Loose flexi tail on monoblock tap

    I've noticed one of the flexi tails on my new tap is loose where it fixes inside the tap body. Is there a special tool to tighen it? - it looks impossible to fit anything into the body of the tap.
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    Joining new wall to old?

    What are those metal strips called that you bolt to the old wall and then hook the wall ties onto , when joining walls at 90 deg?
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    Dripping ball-o-fix type isolater valve

    My isolator valve is dripping from around the slotted spindle. Do I have to change the whole valve or is there a washer that can be replaced?
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    Unvented system loosing pressure

    I had a complete new installation approx 3 years ago of an unvented c/heating + hot water system. The condensing boiler is a potterton and a megaflow for the hot water. The trouble is the boiler is always loosing pressure. I have to top the water up at least once a month. There were...
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    Drilling through external walls?

    Is the correct method to drill from the outside inwards or the inside outwards? I would prefer to drill from the inside outwards but am worried about splitting a big chunk of external brick like my friendly cable installer managed to do not so long ago! If I was to drill from the outside...
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    Bridging the cavity

    My garage has a brick outer wall and breeze block inner wall. In the past someone has a cut hole to the previously solid walls to fit an external door. The external door frame is only the width of the external brick work and is screwed directly into it , leaving the internal breeze blocks and...
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    Setting a shower base - how?

    I have a heavy resin shower base sitting ontop of a wood raised base. It looks like it has been set in some sort of mortar to fix it to the base. The mortar is now all dry and crumbling , and the shower base has dropped. I now need to reset it. What is the correct material to use to secure...
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    Termination of soil stack

    My building inspector has advised that my soil vent pipe should be routed above my roof gutting and be finished with a cage or perforated cover , but my plumber insists its within the regs to finish it below the roof line if it is fitted with a "air admittance valve" Who's right?
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    FMB - What a waste of time

    My building project is near the end , but the builders seem to have done a disapearing act. I wasn't overly worried as only the snagging left to do. What worried me was I hadn't received an paperwork for my FMB warranty. I called FMB and they said the builders had never applied for it ...
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    Guttering for a flat roof

    The flat roof on my garage slopes from front to rear , with the guttering across the rear. On the rear edge it looks like the roofing felt has been wrapped over and under a batton , with the gutter directly underneath. The problem is the roof doesn't overhang the guttering , so the water...
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    Telephone cable - old colours

    My telephone extension cable is Blue/Brown/Orange/Green. (Solid colours - no stripes) What colours in the new cable were each of these replaced by?
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    Engineered boards - click fit - getting the last bit in?

    I had a rad leak which messed up my wooden floor. The section that needs relacing has the tongue facing away from the wall. The problem is I have rad pipes coming out of the wall so i can't raise the last board enough to click it into place. The only thing I can think of doing is trimming...
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    Towel Rail plumbed into HW system

    I just had a new bathroom installed and bought towel rails big enough to heat the room (no rads fitted in the room). I have now discovered the pumber has connected the towel rails to the hot water system , not the central heating system. Is this correct?? - Its not much use to me as I...
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    Humming Shaver Socket

    I've had a new dual voltage shaver socket installed and it constantly hums. Is this normal? - Its driving me nuts.