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    Pipe stat not turning pump on (3)

    Hi I’ve a pipe stat connected to a danfoss wc4b control centre which then should fire a pump for my back boiler, stat is getting power from the controller but doesn’t seem to be sending a live to the pump. Any ideas I’ve attached photo of danfoss controller setup black cable on bottom of number...
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    Danfoss heating control system (2)

    Hi all i have a danfoss heating controller if that’s the correct term. It controls my oil heating and thermostats for each zone, it also should engage the pump for my back boiler when it’s thermostat gets to temp but it doesn’t seem to be getting any power. I’ve disconnected central heating pump...
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    Replacing analogue thermostat with digital (1)

    Hi I have 3 zones in my house with analogue thermostats, I want to upgrade to the Honeywell home dt90 can anyone point me in the right direction for the wiring I’ve attached pic of the analogue wiring and the back of the new thermostat casing any help much appreciated