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    Potterton Suprima - controller fault?

    Well I think an obvious candidate would be the faulty zone valve.
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    Riello RDB burner not firing

    Check out the capacitor and replace. The service bod should have tested this on the service.
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    Testing new Radiators for leaks prior to Boiler installation.

    More stupid, dangerous misinformation. 18 bar air test! Are you trying to make a bomb? That compressor in the illustration is a WATER test compressor.
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    Testing new Radiators for leaks prior to Boiler installation.

    That is very dangerous advice to be giving anyone! Should not air pressurise a system.
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    Bypass valve

    You should get in touch with the inventor of the cylinder:D
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    Profile boiler fault

    Ahhhhh! The bottom cover, now I understand.
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    Profile boiler fault

    Where does one obtain a plastic cover for a profile?
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    Cost to fit 2 thermostatic rad valves

    Labour only should be maximum 1 1/2 hours for wholejob. 40 to 50 pounds tops. A very easy do it yourself job could save you all that money!
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    These are very tricky boilers to establis the pilot. You need the extra long matches (at least 3 inches) to get near the thrermo couple. You will find the lighting aperture at the bottom right hand side towards the rear. The match needs to be inserted the full length at 45 degrees to the left...
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    Condense pipe

    Oh well! Next time then, was looking forward to a good argument.
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    Megaflo secondary circulation

    Pump fitted in reverse, non return valve not opening/ fitted in reverse, pump valve(s) closed, pump not running, air locked. Could be any of these or something else.
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    Thanks counts

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    How to repressurise expansion vessel

    Rubbish! What has a bioler service got to do with the water pressure coming out of the shower?
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    rambling plumbers

    As long as you infest this forum then poor advice will continue as you are the biggest master (a)bater. you need go back to your books and learn anout plumbing and gas befor giving out rubbish advise. Get off the google and get into the real world.
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    Tap Repair

    That looks very much like a grub screw fixing head. Pull off the blue plug on the head. I suspect you will find a grub screww underneath that has come loose and just requires tightening.
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    Advice on controlling Heating Oil consumption

    What is this idiot on about? What has the faith and country of birth of a landlord got to do with the occupation of a person born in Morocco got to do with electric bills? The mind boggles!
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    Is there any way to make a Drayton wireless Digistat RF1 go down to 5c ?

    In the back of the RF1 there should be a link (l.h side). If this has been removed the the set temperature will not go lower than 16c. If it is missing and you do not have a spare then it should be a simple matter to short out the pins with silver foil or screw etc.
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    SCR problems no lights

    Have you tried pushing the override button? This should bring on the boiler as a temporary measure. The Drayton SCRs are crap and notorious for breaking down. Would be best to scrap it and fit alternative make of RF stat.
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    It's not a sink!!

    Standards are also very poor on this forum. :roll: :roll: