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    Boiler pressure low then ultra high

    OK. Before the plumber comes round does anyone have any ideas on the following. I was experiencing low boiler pressure for a few weeks. Kept having to open up valves and fill up every few days. Discovered a leak at one of the radiator valves and have sorted that out. Pressure seemed OK but has...
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    Level for topsoil prior to turfing

    Thanks. My soil has just been tamped down by walking over it, so no deep compaction. What I'm worried about is a degree of consolidation/settlement/compaction over the ensuing weeks or months causing the newly laid lawn to drop down a tad. I've seen one "guide" say to level the soil with...
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    Level for topsoil prior to turfing

    I've done all the grunt work and it has taken me weeks to get my soil ready for turfing. I've broken up the heavily compacted clay, added some compost to loosen it a bit, tilled it, raked it and destoned it. I've tamped it down by walking over it, raked it again, etc., etc. My only question...
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    Building Regs to swap single pane to DGU in existing frames

    My timber frames are in great shape but the glass needs replacing. If I replace the single panes only with slim double glazed units do I need building regs approval. Thanks
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    resin mortar or cement as exterior patio grout

    Any views on what will be the better solution for grouting between Stonemarket Millstone paving slabs: polymeric resin mortar or old fashioned cement. Thanks
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    Retrofitting timber muntins

    I'm refurbishing some timber framed fixed windows and am in the process of enlarging the rabbet so as to enable fitting of slimline DGUs. Looking at the cavity, I balanced some scrap pieces of timber within to simulate muntins and rather like the look. Would it be possible to retrofit...
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    Butyl or low modus silicon to bed DGU in timber frame

    I've increased the size of the rabbet in my old timber windows so that I can now fit a double glazed unit. The instructions say to bed the unit in 1-1.5mm of butyl OR low modus silicon. All searches online seem not to differentiate between them. 1. What, exactly, is the difference. 2. What...
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    Is it safe to plant common laurel 2' from part of the house

    I want to extend an already mature laurel hedge to completely surround my property. Trouble is it will come pretty close to part of one wall of the house which is only 2 feet odd from the public pavement. The hedge would be maintained at about 7 feet tall. The actual length of this section is...
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    Replace single pane in wood frame and add secondary pane

    Kbidy, I read somewhere that stepped units are vey prone to failure but thanks for your response. Crazy idea but what if the interior glazing panel was a double glazed unit. It would be openable/removeable to enable cleaning of the inside of the exterior pane. The window is 95 x 45cms so even a...
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    Replace single pane in wood frame and add secondary pane

    The glass is obscure because at some point in the distant past some poor sod had to use the leanto as a bedroom and this prevented people looking from the lounge straight into his room. Prior to the erection of the leanto they would have looked out over the garden. It's not really relevant to...
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    Replace single pane in wood frame and add secondary pane

    Moved into an Edwardian house where the rear windows in one room have been glazed with thin single panes of obscure glass. (At the moment there is a leanto on the outside wall which we intend to demolish). None of the windows open. I want to replace the glass in these fixed frames with clear...
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    Correct way to plumb waste from dishwasher please

    Apologies if this is answered elsewhere. I searched but couln't find anything bang on point. So my old dishwasher eventually gave up the ghost and has been removed. The waste hose simply exited through a hole in the external wall at ground level and then dropped down about a foot into the...
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    "Antiquing" and finishing a solid oak front door

    I have recently installed a solid oak cottage style internal door which I "distressed" by bashing gently with a steel ruler and sanding some of the sharp edges unevenly before finishing with two coats of Liberon dark oak coloured black bison wax. The effect was amazing. The buffed wax has a warm...
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    5 lever mortice deadlock for very thick timber door

    I'm in the process of having a solid oak door made but because of the design it needs to be 56mm thick. Great. Nice and secure. But .... All the best BS3621 5 lever mortice deadlocks seem to specify a maximum door thickness of 54mm. Ideally I wanted some sort of key restricted access and...
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    Can I install a new doorframe within an existing doorframe?

    It's not very clear from the picture (I had to pop outside to have a close look) but the right hand door jamb and left side of the left hand window frame is one continuous frame. If you look to the far right you can just make out the window frame. The bit I think you see as the window frame is...
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    Can I install a new doorframe within an existing doorframe?

    Perhaps a picture will help. As said, I'd find it a lot easier to replace frame and door together rather than trying to get a door to fit such an uneven frame and would appreciate any feedback anyone can offer. Thanks
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    Can I install a new doorframe within an existing doorframe?

    With such a large door, a wider than normal framed area won't look too bad.
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    Can I install a new doorframe within an existing doorframe?

    Hmm. Hadn't thought of that. I'll sketch myself a scale diagram to see how it looks. But thanks for the advice on the strength issue. It was certainly my view that it would probably be OK.
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    Can I install a new doorframe within an existing doorframe?

    I have an exceptionally large doorframe (2280 x 1040mm) which is hideously out of square (width difference of c 15mm between widest and narrowest points). I'd like to order a new custom made frame/door combo but the question is whether I can fit this into the existing door frame without...