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    Chimney Removal to roof level

    The little one had been following me on this thread, on and off, but she suddenly took a keen interest in the cartoon, so i thought that i'd share what she said: "Its what the class idiot does when he textes. He cant spell so he does pictures from Simpsons & Family Guy". From the mouth of...
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    Chimney Removal to roof level

    By posting pics of yourself, you do, of course, gain a little sympathy. Ref. salivating in public, the best DIY advice i could give you is not to advertise the condition. I wont ask you any more questions.
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    Chimney Removal to roof level

    What an odd choice of word in the context of the quote: "deluded"? Do you consider that i'm deluded because i can differentiate between sulferisation and desulferisation? The OP's question, or my answer to it is not the issue as you well know - if it will help, perhaps you will answer...
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    Chimney Removal to roof level

    How sad, still wriggling, only now you attempt to squirm & shield yourself behind the OP. I'm not asking him the questions - i'm asking you. Why? Because you claim authority in this area yet you dont even understand the difference between sulferisation & desulferisation.
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    Chimney Removal to roof level

    Your google reference is a nonsense. It refers to Desulferisation ie. to removing sulfur dioxide from flue gases. Perhaps you didn't understand what you were reading - its understandable. Sulfurisation actually lacks the prefix "de", plus the sulfurisation in the sooty flues that we are...
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    Which pots are mine?

    Thing is, the rain in Connaught comes in horizontal on its way to Manchester. I'm glad that you worked something out and found dry flues. Whats the next plan?
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    Chimney Removal to roof level

    Alastairreid, Constantly saying the same thing again and again ( repetition ), and expecting a different result is not an argument, its obsession. I asked three or four questions last tuesday, and i'm still waiting for a reply to even a single question.
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    Hmmm Is this quote high? Any advice appreciated!

    Job unseen. Whoever gave you a price of £8040 is working for wages. No building contractor with employees could make a profit at that price - and profit is the key to pricing, you are not working for wages, you are working for a profit. Some garages in south Manchester charge £100+ hourly...
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    Help fixing floor joists and damp in Victorian house

    In general, the concrete path surrounding the bay could do with lifting and the GL lowered. You could replace it with gravel and dig a little trench by the wall and fill with stone. The S&C plinth is pulling up moisture & could do with being hacked off - however, perhaps just hack off...
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    strange patch on wall in utility room

    Your ground floor layout, and the common flat roof to the utilty rooms and garage would suggest, perhaps, that part of the concrete floor might have been the original garage and hard standing floor. Consequently, it might not have had a membrane. Notice that the utility room floor is lower...
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    Help fixing floor joists and damp in Victorian house

    I've split my post into two less you go comatose reading it. Correction to Item 11. Dont remove the wood packers, leave them alone. I was thinking of something else. 13. You have a capped off gas pipe in 15mm copper. Is this pipe still live? Was your gas installation tested on moving in...
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    Help fixing floor joists and damp in Victorian house

    When replying its quicker (if not cut & pasting a quote) to simply refer to the item number. 1. Are the floors suspended floors, except for the kitchen? 2. Do you intend to lift all suspended floorings? Any knock-thro's or c/breast removals anywhere. Smoke test & sweep all flues. 3...
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    Chimney Removal to roof level

    Repetition is not an argument. Maybe you will prove me to be wrong or false but first, of course, you will have to provide an argument based on facts. AAMOI: What type of air do you consider your sealed chimney flues to contain? Do you deny the fact of sulpherisation? Can you refer...
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    Driving rain on brick wall?

    Is this a cavity wall or solid? Typically, you do not "paint" walls. Is it brick or render or something else? First identify why the moisture is getting in before any cautious talk of water repellent.
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    cavity trays

    You should have a DPC or DPC's at 150mm above ground level. Are you proposing fixing some kind of frame into a basement? What, exactly are you attempting?
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    How to fit a new window?

    If you have a wooden wall plate, say, a 2" x 6", running on top of the chosen wall, then that might act as a lintel depending on the rafters/trusses. You would be well advised to fit a frame with a sill. Before the day of the race, perhaps post a few inside and exterior pics on here.
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    Help fixing floor joists and damp in Victorian house

    nitch, If you are interested, i could point out a few things, and perhaps take you a little further.
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    concrete slabbing in the African bush.

    Thank you for the pics BAS. I had heard of the technique, but the idea of applying and cleaning up an acid slab surface does not appeal to me. Thing is vackie, the process is applied, TTBOMK, to the concrete surface (a polished surface by the look of things) not to a sand and cement screed...
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    Drainage Repair - question about underground pipes

    Thank you for the replies and the vid. Trouble with the vid was i had no context but there was a definite circular crack, and possibly some hairline lengthwise cracks. Were we in two different drains? I couldn't make out the possibly two different flows. If there is a suspicion of one...
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    Amtico Floor Tile Lifting

    That was not sarcasm - it was a critical observation based not on any possible implication but on what you posted. "not too fussed, as long as it passes as fit for people to rent." - thats a bald claim with no obvious implication beyond what you said. If you didn't mean to imply what you...