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    How to clean roof (no pressure water)

    Hi, My roof is made of concrete slab, sixties built. There is a fair amount of moss and grit coming out from the tiles coating. I'd like to get someone to carefully remove it without damaging the tiles, ideally avoid walking on roof. Tiles are 50+ old so they may get damaged. Is there any tool...
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    Gap filling expanding foam - rotten wood replacement?

    Hi, Can I use expanding foam to replace the rotten timber frame topside of the window frame? I tried using wood filler but it takes forever and requires lots of material. Expanding foam seems rather quick but 1) will last? 2) would ti too soft? 3) can I sand it proper to look like original...
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    How to procure new boiler (supply and installation)?

    Hi, I want to replace my old Potterton 50E like for like - same location. Say I identified a couple of boiler brands that seems reliable more than others - how can I get a cost-efficient installation but also ensure warranty holds (10+ years)? Some brands have own installers network but I...
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    Cladding of porch- carpenter job?

    Hi, My front door surround georgian style - is pretty much rotten. Nearby houses have coverd theirs with pvc or alluminum cladding rather than stripping repairing and painting. Who does this type of jobs? Cannot find carpenters that can do in hertfordshire .. Thanks
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    Very high Gas consuption

    I did thanks, no change in digits when boiler or hob are off
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    Very high Gas consuption

    .. hi, I measured gas consumption in summer with no heating and separated out hobs consumption by simple experiment..
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    Very high Gas consuption

    Hi, My gas consumption is very high for a 2 people household - 3 bed detached house. I have a pretty old gas boiler indirect system with new hot water cylinder and valves, Hive controller, gravity system and power shower. Hot water energy seems very high.. any thoughts? Total gas/year...
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    Laundry hide cabinet flat pack - where to buy?

    Hi, I want to design and fit a laundry cabinet that looks like the attached. Any advice on where to find standard cabinets; I want to avoid custom design to keep the cost low. Many Thank
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    How to repair porch roof

    .. thanks Blup, it's not lead - it's made of steel.. It's not causing the leak just. The issue is that the black steel did not cover on the side of the wood planks and moldings and had no gutters so rainwater simply trickled down the side (see blue fence) over the wood.. Wondering how fiddling...
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    How to repair porch roof

    Thanks Blup, I am considering doing it myself now but still not sure how to. The most concerning point is the rotten edges of the three roof planks. As you can see from the picture, the roof is made of 3 planks with a steel sheet (painted black) sitting on it. I cannot remove the steel sheet...
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    How to repair porch roof

    Hi forum, Please can anyone advise how to repair and make good my front door porch roof? The mini roof edges and mouldings are pretty much rotten in few points. I also posted a picture of same design / age roof from my neighbor who dismounted the lot and replaced it with a plastic roof (it looks...
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    New Front Door - how to?

    Hi forum, I want to replace my old timber front door and not sure what's the best way to do it. Been surfing a bit on trustpilot and go scared by bad reviews hence seeking some help. I don't want timber. Should I go for composite? What brand? Composite doors are just plastic laid on top of...
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    Window frame void space and roller blind installation disaster

    Hi, Sixties property, recently installed new window. Window fitters removed the blind and put it back but screw were loose and roller blind about to fall off. I drilled a new hole to fit raw plugs but made a mess. I realised the wall above the window got a big void (not an expert). How to fix...
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    Relay carpet before stripping walls lining paper and re-plaster?

    Hi, I had carpet laid 3 years ago in one small bed; it was fitted with thick underlay and grippers. It's thick, fluffy expensive carpet which matches with the rest of first floor. I have now to strip lining paper from the bedroom walls, remove coving, strip woodchip paper from ceiling and...
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    Shower trap leak

    Thanks dilalio; I hope I can remove the trap rotating and taking it out without need to lift the shower.. Thanks Madrab you are right.. it seems very much an hairline crack that would explain the leak.. Cheers
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    Shower trap leak

    Hi, A wet patch appeared on the newly plastered kitchen ceiling (see pictures). The plasterboard brittle matches the first floor shower drain location. The Kudos walk-in shower sits on the first floor bathroom. I removed the shower cover to expose the shower trap (which looks like a MCAlpine...
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    Fully pumped system HW 2-way valve closes and pump stop

    Hi all, My system is fully pumped with two 2-way valves, open vented, coil cylinder, Boiler Potterton 50e and thermostat potterton EP2002. Page 316 of this link shows my system functional layout...
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    Blocking up un-used fireplace for TV bracket mounting

    Thanks newboy; I would try to avoid timber studs because they may flex underweight and cracks appear at the joints with the chimney render plaster. I have just found I should use "frame cramps".. I quote "For an average fireplace you will also need 2 “frame cramps” which are normally fixed to a...
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    Blocking up un-used fireplace for TV bracket mounting

    Hi all, I found a good guide on how to block-up and un-used fire place here to start with. However my job has one more complication being I need to install a TV bracket and a heavy shelf on the newly constructed fire...
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    bubbling air in central heating pipes

    Hello, My open vented - 12 radiators - 2 floors house central heating system keep bubbling air within all the time. I bleed air out everyday but nonetheless air keep developing in the pipes; one can hear air bubbling from ground floor pipes up to the first floor, where the pump is installed...