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    Large Oak tree needs pruning

    Removing a tree this size will definitely affect the ground and foundations of the house. Unfortunately modern houses cope less well with movement than old houses. You may be able to lightly prune the tree, and repeat at yearly intervals but otherwise you need to learn to live with the tree and...
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    Looking for a plumber. Notts/Derby

    I am looking for a plumber / central heating engineer in the nottingham and derby area. Does anyone have a contact or recommendation? ________________________ moderator please note 4 which is here
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    grundfos pump

    I am still looking for a plumber in the nottingham derby area. Does anyone have any contacts please?
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    grundfos pump

    There is a little grey disc on the top of this pump which can be turned 45 degrees can anyone tell me what this is for? I am looking for a good plumber in Nottingham or Derby does anyone have a recommendation
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    No Hot Water or Heating

    Thanks for the feed back. Tracked the problem to the thermostat wiring after reading one of the other posts. It is now working properly. It is amazing how one loose wire can bring a system to its knees. Thanks again. Great site Thadd
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    No Hot Water or Heating

    I have no hot water or heating. The boiler is a Concorde Ideal and has been used occasionally for hot water only this summer. It now does not provide either heating or hot water. The pilot light is on, the pumps of which there seem to be two, are working, at least I can hear the flow of water in...