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    Hi I work for Team Energy(part of certas energy). Been a service engineer for just over 6 years...

    Hi I work for Team Energy(part of certas energy). Been a service engineer for just over 6 years now(no installs as I don't like getting dirty!). Hoping you could send me the link to the oil forum. Thanks in advance Steve
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    Riello motor blocking.

    Have you checked that you haven't got water in the oil tank??
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    New Plumbers' Tool Bag.

    No worries - I've had mine (the xl) for just over 4 years and it's still going strong, the big handle takes a bit of getting used to but you can (and will) get quite a bit of weight in it but the shoulder strap makes it a breeze to carry. However if I'm servicing in a tight spot I can position...
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    New Plumbers' Tool Bag. Expensive but you won't need to buy another one...
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    Warmflow 90

    If the control box is working it should go to lock out with the cell disconnected not run the motor constantly...
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    Warmflow 90

    You could disconnect the photocell to see if the burner then goes to lock out to prove duff P/C.
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    Worcester Danesmoor 15/19 oil boiler problem

    Try a new coil 1st, it sounds as if it's failing to open (quite a common fault) I'd also advise wiring it back to it's own terminal you don't want it throwing oil into the combustion chamber if the spark ever goes intermittent.
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    Oil boiler - black smoke from flue

    Having the boiler serviced doesn't mean it can't go faulty, the guy servicing it can only comment on it's condition the day he's there, it's unfortunate when something does go wrong soon after a service but not necessarily the fault of whoever serviced it. See what he says when he returns, but...
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    Opinions on a oil boiler service bill

    It's rare but not impossible to get 2 faults and as per the oilhead post: I've come across the same on a HRM wallstar, bit unfortunate for the customer but you can only address the problems as you find them and advise accordingly. Did you agree 'mates rates' up front ? If so it does seem a...
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    Worcester Heat Slave High Flow Hot Water Problem

    Hi Jac The 1st part does sound like a motorised valve problem (possibly cartridge sticking), but if that's been changed and hasn't worked and now there's an additional problem I'd say you'd be better off getting a boiler man in to have a look rather than the friendly plumber. Does the boiler...
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    Problem in Oil Pipe To Tank.

    Have you checked whether the high limit stat has tripped?
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    Problem in Oil Pipe To Tank.

    Meant to comment on this too - the tigerloop requires fittings to be air tight to work effectively, the guy must've checked and tightened fittings so there should be no further work required on this. It can be hard when working for a large company to not be seen as a maverick if you go out of...
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    Problem in Oil Pipe To Tank.

    I'll start by saying that I don't condone the actions of the WB fellas but the 1st guy was was working within his remit, the terms & conditions of your contract with them probably specify that they only cover (i.e. work on) the boiler. It's a frustrating situation for the customer but that's the...
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    Heatslave 20/25 Limited DHW

    Has it been OK and now isn't? or is it a new shower?
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    Problem in Oil Pipe To Tank.

    Why not ask your oil supplier if they can recommend anyone?
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    Trianco Eurostar Help Please

    Have you checked the high limit stat reset ?
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    Fumes (oil) through adjoining wall to neighbours house

    Maybe the problem the boilerman turned up to fix wasn't related to the smell you're getting, you need to get your neighbour to inform him of the problem you're having so that he can investigate further. Presumably if she's renting the landlord should be responsible for any possible claims/clean...
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    Old hotspur boiler ignition problems

    You could try your oil supplier and see if they can recommend anyone (won't be cheap though) but as boilerman2 recommends maybe it's time for a new one as many parts no longer available.
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    Boiler not firing

    Have you checked the lead to the burner is plugged in? (open the front of boiler and follow lead up from burner), also check high limit reset while you're there. Can you here water pump starting when you try to get boiler going?
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    Riello Burner RDB won't start

    Agree with Boilerman2's post whole heartedly. You paid for the pump so he shouldn't have taken your property! He's probably returned it under warranty.