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    covering/hiding hairline cracks in old skimming

    Hi All, As usual, looking for a bit of professional advice :) In small room, removed old wall paper and underneath old plaster which looks and feels solid, but has dozens of tiny, very thin cracks (will try to add picture, not sure if cracks will be visible). We would prefer to paint that wall...
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    sealing water and waste pipe in the wall

    Hi All, Looking for a bit of advice. Had a plumber over who put new pipes into the wall (photo attached), unfortunately, the guy that was supposed to do the rest of the work had to leave to Ukraine, so wondered if anyone can advise on the best way to seal/close those. Thanks
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    floorboards under electric UFH + self level

    Hi All, As usual looking for a word of advice. Plan to refurbish cloakroom. Currently we have old floorboards over joists and lino on top. I am planning to remove lino, put 5-6mm UFH insulation with electric UFH and then close it with latex self levelling. ( the plan is amtico on top). So the...
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    Bitumen over old solar reflective paint

    Hi All, As usual looking for advice :) My garage flat roof started to leak in few places. On inspection can see old solar reflective (aluminium) paint cracking and coming off in multiple places. Wondered if I can remove the paint where comes of easily (though most of it won't) and apply bitumen...
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    self levelling for karndean

    Hi All, Looking for a word of advice. We stripped old floor in the kitchen and now it is extremely uneven due to patches of old concrete, self levelling and patches of removed ancient tiles. Current plan is to put about an inch or more of sand cement screed, where it is deep enough, and then...
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    insulation under self level

    Hello All, Have a room with concrete floor and we plan to raise the floor by couple cm using self levelling compound. Question is, is it worth putting some kind of insulation board under screed and if yes what should we use? Thanks
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    Underfloor heating

    Hi All, Need a bit of advice on underfloor heating. Refurbishing a small room, when all the old flooring was removed we were left with concrete floor 2 cm deeper than original level. It was suggested that we can use it and put underfloor heating. Which brings me to my questions: 1. Will 2 cm...
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    Solid half brick internal wall on joists

    Hi All, Started work on ground floor room and when opened ceiling realised that there is a solid half brick (about 140-150mm thick) wall standing across 6 joists with no support from below. Those are old joists 7 inch by 2.5 inch and distance of 350mm between centres with span of 4.5 meters...