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    Dry lined walls concerns question(s)

    Hi All We viewed a house today as possible purchase and as far as I could tell many of the walls were dry lined. Now it was my understanding that such dry lining was "stable" and other than painting required very little maintenance or renewal is ever needed. However, I was surprised to...
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    Single lever tap confusion?

    Hi All By convention, with a normal two tap unit the left hand one is the hot supply. But when you fit a single lever (ceramic) tap am I correct in my understanding that the hot flow should be controlled by moving the lever to the left. The reason I ask is that I had such a basin tap...
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    Specialist curtain rail ??

    Hi All Sorry if this is the wrong forum but hope someone can help me. I recall reading a while ago about a special curatin rail for use on front doors in narrow hallways that was mounted such that as you opened the door the rail cantilevered back with the door. The curtain itself could...
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    Laminate or carpet?

    Hi All I was hoping to use laminate flooring in my lounge and linked kitchen. However, the advice I am getting is somewhat confusing. I was advised that provided I choose 'green' coloured core board that this means the laminate is water resistant - I believe one of the trade names is...
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    Stair repairs?

    Hi All I have stairway that has a complete turn from lounge to upper floor i.e. 180degree turn. I have access in the under stairs cupboard to the whole of the 'turn section'. My problem, over time the back of the tread has started to part company from the riser such that you can see...