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  1. moore005004

    help loose edging blocks

    Hi, I am a total novice I layed some garden border edging blocks 3 weeks ago, I dug a 10" trench leveled it and tampered it down poured dry concrete in the trench leveled that, set the blocks in tapped them in and leveled them off (forgot to mention the blocks are 8"x 5"x 2") I then sprayed...
  2. moore005004

    price of new patio

    Hi, I want a patio laying using kandla grey natural stone paving, I will need the old patio and some of the grassed area removed, the area is 32sqm anyone have any rough idea as to how much I will have to budget for to get this done I'm in the UK. Cheers.
  3. moore005004

    Garden gate problem

    Hi Guys, I have a problem with my back garden gate that needs to be replaced (see picture) the 3"x4" upright wooden post that the gate is attached to sits in the recess of a concrete post. The upright has now come off to reveal that whoever had the house before us had the post fastened with...
  4. moore005004

    Tek wall coming away

    Hi Guys, had a new kitchen fitted 6 months ago but now have problem with one of the Tec Boards coming away from the wall on one corner. I know it was put up by the installer using an adhesive. I would prefer if possible to screw this corner to wall in case adhesive fails again. Problem is I...