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    Making lead window trays

    Hi guys, My builder and my roofer are arguing about whose job it is to build the lead window trays for my dormer windows. The trays look like a fairly simple structure, can I diy make these or do I need specialised welding equipment? I remember melting lead "back in the day" to make lead...
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    How long for mortar to set before adding windows

    Quick question guys. I'm adding a porch which means my two large front Windows have to be replaced with smaller ones. I've removed the old Windows and built block work in to the new window size. How long before I can drill into the new block work to fix the Windows? (I will be using metal fixing...
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    Questions about porch

    I am constructing a porch and I know usual practice is to cut a vertical damp proof course inside the new cavity. Does this unnecessarily weaken the existing wall? There are two large windows at the front of the property which will be removed and replaced with smaller windows - so the new walls...
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    Septic tank lid collapsed

    I was strimming in the garden this afternoon and stepped on my septic tank hatch cover (steel) briefly as I moved about. It immediately collapsed and I fell into the first chamber, managing to catch the side and not get a full poo swim. Whilst it was very unpleasant, I am thankful that it was...
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    Tails to second consumer unit

    I was hoping someone could clarify this for me. I have two consumer units. From the meter, 16mm tails go to an isolation switch and then to a Henley block that divides to one consumer unit close to the metre and one eleven metres away, again with 16mm cable. Both consumer units have a 100amp...