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    Parquet floor refurbishment.

    Our living room has an original parquet floor in the 5 finger wood block pattern. As its now 50+ years old its in need of refurbishment to bring it back to former glory, not that its in bad condition, just tired and some scratches. I'm not sure I want to risk DIY on this job for fear of...
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    Vented pantiles ?

    Hi, my house is 100 years + old and the roof has clay pantiles which are in reasonable condition. Unfortunately the loft space is suffering from significant condensation problems, I need to introduce some ventilation via the roof tiles and the guttering edge of the roof. Can anyone advise me...
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    Wood burning stove - flue requirements

    We are about to install a 5/6 kw wood burning stove into our existing fireplace area. The flue has never been used since the house was built in 1970, the chimney has a clay lined pots liner through it. I want to install the stove and use the existing liner but the stove shop tell me that I...
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    Which paint for vinyl fabric?

    Unusual request perhaps, my classic caravan has a roof covering of a vinyl soft finish with a canvas type base, it is extremely flexible but waterproof. Problem is the vinyl is coloured black and I want to re-coat this cream. Can you please recommend a paint finish that will adhere and resist...
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    Old school solar heating

    In process of a house purchase, the new (1960's) house has a couple of solar panels on the roof which I gather were installed about ten years ago. Amongst the solicitors information pack I found a letter addresses to the current owner of the house stating that the solar system is installed...
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    Block paving costs

    Considering a new area to stand my caravan on, can somebody please advise me as to how much money it will cost to prep' and lay block paving. A few s/m is a concrete strip about .5 m wide which I suppose will have to come up otherwise its virgin garden land. Thank you, a sq metre guide cost...
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    Which cable please

    Hi, I need to run a wire steel armoured cable underground from my domestic consumer unit to a caravan in my garden. The run is 50 meters and the caravan is basically going to be used as an extra bedroom for family visits. Can you please advise me correct cable I need to purchase.
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    Concrete slab cost

    I need to have a concrete slab laid in my garden to put a log cabin onto. The garden area is uneven needing a little bit of levelling but this aside what would be a reasonable price to lay the slab onto limestone scalping at 3" deep and the slab at 4" deep please. The slab is approx' 4.1m x 5.3m...
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    Sorry, another what boiler question.

    Had a look at the FAQ's and a quick scan over recent posts but unable to find answer. Going to replace our old style oil boiler with a combi, main reason for combi is to free up valuable space where the hot water tank is at present and free up fireplace which currently houses the present...
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    Flat roof to pitch roof conversion

    Any advise comments appreciated regarding this project. I have a single story flat roofed extension on the rear of my thatched roof cottage. I would like to remove the flat roof in exchange for a single pitched roof. However, I am unsure regarding the slope required, the thatch comes down to...
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    Home extension cost m2

    We are considering an extension to our 1 1/2 story c1700 thatched cottage which is built from timber frame / plaster. The end gable wall to which we think we will extend from has had the timbers removed and rebuilt with 9'' brick up to first floor level and from there remains the old timber and...
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    Removal of floor staples

    Our floor boards have been covered over with a ply board, we have removed the ply only to find the floorboards are covered in staples. Can you please recommend a tool that we could use to remove these staples. We don't want to pay the earth for an all singing and dancing thing, just a tool for...
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    Extension costs

    Can you please advise me as to what I can expect as an ball park figure at cost per metre square. I live in an one and half story traditional Suffolk thatched cottage and am considering extending it onto one gable end at 12' x 14' using block work plastered over and slate roof. To incorporate...
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    Another question-caravan painting

    Now I have the sorted my paint to use, Tekaloid 819 undercoat with Tekaloid 318 top coat. I do have an quality brush but would an better result be had with an roller? if so which type of roller please.
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    Painting vintage caravan

    My vintage caravan (1930) is walled with masonite or oiled hardboard and in good condition. I wish to paint the exterior which is currently in an dark colour, but again in good condition. I'm guessing that an oil based paint is needed but any recommendations on manufacturers please, bearing in...
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    Adhesive removal problem

    This question relates to my vintage car but I hope somebody will be able to advise me. I am replacing the fabric section of roof and have removed all the old stuff, however I need to clean up the perimeter of the roof section prior to glue and screw new leather cloth into place. The old leather...
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    KW coal stove output?

    I am considering removing our oil fired boiler and replacing with an multifuel stove. It needs to serve the central heating and domestic hot water. Our oil boiler is rated at 18.2 kw (40/60 model). I assume that I will have no need to have radiators in the room where new stove will operate so I...
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    Which primer?

    Hope that you may point me in correct direction, I am going to paint some internal doors which are plain wood veneer type finish. They are good quality doors but the wood colour is no longer wanted. After I have suger soaped the doors what primer would be best prior to my top coat of Crown...
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    Interior door painting

    I am going to paint our interior doors using an satin finish. At the moment these doors are finished with some sort of melamine and completely flat, no mouldings at all, so I need to make sure my finish is at good as possible. I have excluded applying paint with a brush, thought about a roller...
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    double boiler installation

    Hi, I currently use an oil boiler for central heating and hot water. The heating is pumped and hot water storage cylinder. Also I have an coal fired stove in my lounge for extra comfort. Is it possible/worthwhile to connect the coal stove back boiler to existing oil fired boiler hot water pipes...