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    Hot water running v slow

    The hot water in the bathroom, ensuite and kitchen runs very slow. There is no problem in the cloakroom. In fact, if the hot water tap in the bathroom is running, you cannot run hot water anywhere else (apart from the cloakroom) as nothing comes out of the tap. Is this an airlock? Thanks...
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    why repressurise accumulator tank every 3 months?

    Took old accumulator tank to tip yesterday. Noticed label on it saying tank should be repressurised every 3 months.... Why? We never did this - basically because we didn't know you had to. Is this why it needed to be replaced when only 4 years old? This is something we could easily do...
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    new accumulator tank

    Hooray! New accumulator tank successfully fitted and I can now run water without continuous clanking sound. V reasonable labour rates from plumber/heating engineer too.
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    accumulator tank

    Posted on this site a week or so ago under Problem with Pump - whenever we run any water, we can hear the pump clanking on and off all the time. Engineer been out today - he is unable to pressurise our accumlator tank. He says he could replace the membrane inside and the schrayder (?) valve...
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    neff oven - fan not working

    We have a Neff oven B1451. The fan is not working but the oven still heats up - not much good on fan oven setting but can use it as a conventional oven. Is it likely to be the fan motor and is this easy to replace? All help gratefully received. Thanks
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    problem with pump

    Hi, Hoping for some help again. `Central heating and hot water working fine -the problem is that whenever anyone runs any water, flushes toilet etc, we can hear the pump kick in, it pushes the water back up to pressure but as soon as it is back up (between 2 and 3 ) on the dial, it falls...
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    PCB blown

    I have an Ideal Minimiser SE which is approx 3 years old. Three weeks ago the PCB (PCB 41) blew and was replaced. The fuse in the switch that powers the boiler also fused. This fuse has now gone again and we are without heating and hot water again. It is a 3 amp fuse - could we put a 5 amp...
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    my Ideal Boiler isn't doing anything........

    We have an Ideal Minimiser SE boiler which is approx 3 years old. About 9 months ago, we had a problem where the boiler was not lighting. We installed a new circuit board and since then everything has been fine. However, now we have neither heating nor hot water. The timer is on, the...
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    central heating on even though not timed to be

    My central heating came on in the middle of the night even though it was not timed to be on. When I checked the timer, the timer was not on. The timer came on as usual at 6am and turned off as usual but the heating is still on although I don't think the water is (the motorised valve is shut)...
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    intermittent fault with central heating and hot water

    We have an intermittent fault on our heating and hot water - it sometimes fails to come on in the morning. The timer is switched on and there is a humming type noise in the airing cupboard (where the timer is) but no heating or hot water. If I turn the timer off for both heating and hot water...