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    Back Garden Boudary

    I'm wanting to attach a fence to the wall that divides my and my neighbour's back garden as it is a low wall and I want privacy for my family. Do you know the law? If she says no then can we still do it? I don't know who owns it in the deeds but she is saying that she is the owner. Let me know...
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    Best Budget Instant Hot Water Tap?

    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend an instant hot water tap for my kitchen sink? I am looking for one that also has a water filter with it to clean up the cold water too. I have seen the Quooker ones are meant to be really good but a little expensive. Any alternatives?
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    £40-£50k Investing Ideas

    Hi everyone, I currently have £50k in my bank as I have sold a 2nd property I was renting out. I don't want this money to be spent willynilly so I'm looking for investing it. My son thinks I should put it into Bitcoin but obviously that could go very wrong. But on the other hand it could go...
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    Parquet or Plank

    Hi all, I have just purchased a bungalow. It's in need of a full renovation but just doing the planning now. I am wanting to install word flooring (or LVT) throughout as I think it makes a place look bigger. I have seen some really lovely parquet LVT and engineered wood floors and wondering if...
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    What floors add value?

    Hi guys. I am in the process of getting my bungalow renovation planned out. I have heard that the crème de la crème of flooring is solid wood flooring but I have also heard it comes with disadvantages so I have looked into engineered wood. According to...
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    Loft Conversion Debate

    Hi guys, I have been having a debate with someone regarding a loft conversion. On a 2 bedroom bungalow (125m2) worth £300k, how much more value would converting the lift create? The other bungalows on the street have done this and managed to get 1 - 2 rooms up there. My question is, roughly...
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    Engineered or Solid Wood for Kitchen

    Hi we have just completed the kitchen renovation apart from the floor. My girlfriend would love solid wood flooring but I have heard they don't do well in moisture prone areas. I saw a guide saying that engineered wood might be a better option but I am still cautious of water warping the...
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    Garage Investment

    Hi guys, I am based in Wetherby, Yorkshire and there is a garage for sale. £14000, it is amoung 11 others. Do you think this is a good investment or had I best save the money for something else? Will it go up in value?
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    Nest Camera Offline

    Hi all, I have recently bought a NEST doorbell camera. It's set up near my router however when someone comes to the door it takes a while (about 2 minutes) to alert me and this obviously can result in the person leaving by the time I get the alert. Any advice on to make it instant?