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    Replacing Living Room Light W/ LED

    Hi all, i'm going to ditch my living room light due to it hanging down too far and being annoying; got myself a new LED from amazon, so am i right in thinking i should be able to just drop the...
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    House Lights - Random Blinks.

    Hi all, just wanting some thoughts on this topic. i'm getting some very random blinks from a couple of downstairs lights. i changed most of my bulbs to LED, and from browsing it seems they're a lot more susceptible to current fluctuations etc, there has been one incident when a normal filament...
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    Seeing Daylight In Roof

    Hi guys, hoping for a bit advice/reassurance please. seems to be the months for all sorts of issues with my house... :-( anyway, during windy days i've been hearing a tapping/knocking that sounded like something lifting/dropping or such, pretty irregular. got a guy out and he looked the roof...
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    Turning Off Hot Water To Fix a Tap ~ Combi

    Hi all, noob help please. got a Baxi 105HE, what do i need to do to turn of the water for my bath mixer tap? there's a valve under the kitchen sink, i'm presuming that's only for the cold supply? Do i just turn off the combi water or do i need to shut the power off too? TIA
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    Stiff Mixer Tap

    Hi all. Another prob with my bathroom fittings :-/ Bath has a Grohe Eurosmart mixer, as shown in this thread it's getting fairly stiff - what can i do? it was gummed up a bit around the handle...
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    Squeaky Toilet Lid

    Hi again, i have a Vitra toilet, one of these type things not a soft close one. Does anyone know the best way to stop the lid squeaking? the seat moves fine but for some reason the lid has acquired a godawful squeak. i can't...
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    How Do I Fix My Shower Head?

    Hi all, follow-up (ish) to this thread my shower head just came off! :-( the silver plastic collar just disintegrated, not quite the Grohe quality i expected :-/ So, can i get a replacement? done a quick...
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    How Do I Replace a Shower Diverter Valve?

    Hi again, as per the title, the bathroom has a Grohe tap/shower fixture w/ a diverter. the thing started failing only a few weeks after installation, had it replaced and now, about 2 years later, it's seemingly failing again; when you lift the knob to activate the shower it's getting very...
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    Can Someone Explain Towel Heater Valves Please?

    Hi, sorry if this is covered elsewhere, a search brought up over 180 replies but the first couple pages seemed to be more specific plumbing issues. as per the title. bathroom has a ladder-style towel heater plumbed into the central heating. doesn't seem to get particularly warm so i was going to...
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    Repairing Interior Trim

    Hi all, just asking around for some advice as to how to sort out some interior double glazing trim (i think it's called quadrant?) as the attachment shows, i've got sections coming away and want to refix it. someone said i need low modulus silicon to fix it to the frame and some acrylic stuff to...