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    Riello RDB1 Burner-Lockout & Motor/Fan.

    Good afternoon I have set up a Riello burner, on a simple rig in my shed,which I got out of an old Camray oil boiler.Initially(after energising) all I got was the Motor/Fan purging and no ignition(nothing from the solenoid).I changed over the Photocell with another secondhand photocell and now...
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    Combining Warning pipes from F&E Cistern and CWSC

    Good morning Just a quick question.I am moving tanks down from the loft and installing Fortic cylinder and F&E cistern on 1st floor in a skeeling space.I appreciate they both should have their own dedicated warning pipes,but would their be any issues with combining the overflows internally to...
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    Cylinder change-Indirect combined (Fortic) cylinder

    Good evening I am considering changing my existing vented indirect cylinder to a combined cylinder.The main reason being the current hot water route(DHW cylinder is 1st Floor) takes forever to come through in the downstairs kitchen as it travels up to the loft first then down to the upstairs...
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    Vent stack

    Good afternoon Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.I have a vent stack that I am about to take down and just would like some advice on whether it is made of cement pitch fibre or asbestos cement .I need to know this so that I can best dispose of it in a responsible way.I enclose a...