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    dirty windows and doors

    i've tried this, arms breaking, and shtill there are marks there.
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    dirty windows and doors

    I have white UPVC windows and they are driving me mad. I live on a main drive and the dirt that builds up on them is horrendous. Can you tell me what I can use on these to get the dirt marks of them?
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    windows and doors

    will bi-fold doors work without a cable if you just hinged them on?
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    what is the best lawn mower to buy for a graden approx. 40 square meters Iolanda :?:
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    scratche son stainless steel

    thanks, scratches not too deep so i'll try cutting compund and mutton cloth
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    washand basin

    ceramic i think, i can't find any labels on it (just moved in), 2 cracks coming from near the taps to the stopper bit, and thin but exposing a little white
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    washand basin

    my washbasin has a few hairline cracks, does anyone know how i can repair these as changing the basin means changing the whole suite, as it's a coloured suite.
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    Shower curtain

    yes, ikea do shower curtains and you get them cut to the size you wish. if polyester of course you then need to bring it to a tailor. if pvc leave as it is. ikea's website iolanda
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    light scratches on stainless steel

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    light scratches on stainless steel

    have you removed the scratches form stainless steel? i have some but on stainless steel dishwasher door and steam oven door.
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    scratche son stainless steel

    any tips on removing scratches form stainless steel appliances?
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    Hi, I wish to lay flooring of the same type throughout my whole house (a company would do it for me). I WAS THINKING OF EITHER UNICLIC OR KARNDEAN (LIKE AMTICO BUT A LITTLE CHEAPER). Does anyone know of any problems i might anticipate with either of these. Iolanda
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    ceramic tile

    My collie does this. All you need to do is add a freshener to the cleaning water, such as lemon and this will remove the smell.
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    Hi, I have had new pvc windows installed, and i noticed because there was a hole in the plaster board in the inside that i could see through to the pvc on the outside (the pvc external facings). I was trobled and since i live on a main ringraod i was concerned about noise. The noise has...
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    Can i lay wooden floor boards on top of chipboards?
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    I have had windows to my upstairs replaced, and i noticed the lead flashing which lies beneath these and onto the slates is cracked. Is it likley that this happened at the time of removal of old and installation of new, and how easy is it to repair? :?