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    Which type of oil boiler to work with underfloor heating

    Hi I have built a workshop which I am going to heat with underfloor heating. We live rural so oil is our current fuel for heating. I want to get a boiler just to heat the workshop as it is a fair distant from the house so I can’t use the house hot water. Which type of boiler is suitable? Could...
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    Help designing insulated metal box section clad roof

    Hello I am looking for advice for a roof to an outbuilding that I am renovating. The building is 4.8m wide with a duo pitched roof at around 18deg. The span tables and building inspector have agreed that 6x2 rafters are adequate for the span. I plan on putting 100mm PIR insulation between the...
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    Large shed/stables converting to art room and workshop

    Hello, first post here so please be gentle! We have situated in the domestic curtilage of our property a stable block/shed which is in need of repair. I intend to re roof it and Insulate it to make it useable year round as an art studio for the wife and a workshop room for myself. According to...
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    Help designing an offset soil vent pipe

    hello, I am trying to design an offset soil vent for a timber bungalow that I am building. I want to offset the vent pipe on to the gable wall which is out of view but it means the vent is not directly inline with the soil pipe. How do I do this? I have put a link to a drawing I have done...