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    Brickwork for extension question

    Hi all, I'm looking at converting my attached single story garage in to a playroom and downstairs toilet. Also, I want to extend the garage at the rear. The new extension wall will obviously be double skin with a cavity, but the garage is single skin and going to clad the inside for the...
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    Soil pipe routing help

    hi all Just wondering what the best method would be to route the sink and bath waste in the below photo. I’m thinking about a strap on boss for the sink waste but not sure on the bath waste as the strap on boss would be on the joint of the branch pipe. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    DPM and finsihed floor height for extension

    Hi all, I'm doing the groundworks for my rear single story extension and just trying to get my head around the oversite preparation. I've measured down from the existing floor level allowing for 150mm hardcore, 50mm sand, 75mm insulation, 100mm concrete and 60mm screed. When I do this, the...
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    Lead pip replacement - stop tap position...

    Hi all, I am replacing the lead pipe in my house alongside a new rear extension. The pipe runs through the garage then around the back of my property coming in to the kitchen at the rear where I am building the extension. I am going to dig a trench from the road, through the garage and then...