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    Cats and foxes

    I've found Get Off My Garden Scatter Crystals (Vapet) very effective, i'd reccomend getting a few bottles and putting fresh crystals down every few weeks.
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    sun flowers (now updated again)

    I planted 5 seeds about 6 weeks ago, 2 are about 3 inches and 1 more has just sprouted.
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    How do I get rid of tree stumps?

    This won't get rid of them completely, but with a particularly vicious wooden plan root I got a saw and sawed off as close to the ground as I could comfortably get.
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    Wax on blanket after its been washed

    The iron/brown paper usually works, if you think the wax has worked into the fabric then be sure to do both sides repeatedly until you've soaked up as much wax as you can.
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    Remove pen from suit

    If it's machine washable, first soak in cold water for 2-3 days. Then, get a really good stain remover(Vanish is usually the best) and spray the stain before washing (after testing a small area). You may need to do 2-3 washes with the Vanish on. If not, try a Dry Cleaners.
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    TV Died on me!

    Yes it's a 5 amp fuse and a new one didn't make the tv work. By untrained eye I mean that i'm not an expert however the fuse wasn't obviously marked i any way to suggest it had blown out.
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    TV Died on me!

    I watched my TV this morning, all was fine, but when I went back a few hours later I discovered it was dead! I've checked that the power was on, plugs, all outside wires connected etc. I will change the fuse but don't know if that will fix it. The fuse taken out of the plug looks fine to my...
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    Tea Stain

    Try soaking both items in a bucket for a few days, spray on some stain remover and then wash in the machine.
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    Privacy on glass windows

    I have seen the white stuff you mention, I have noticed it on the windows of shops that are being re-fitted etc... I'm afraid I don't know what it is though!
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    Ink on Wooden Nightstand

    I'm no expert :wink: but you could try leaving a cloth soaked in a mild cleaner on the stain, weight it down with something heavy and leave for 24 hours, repeat if neccessary. If it doesn't get rid of the ink, it may at least fade a bit.
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    Drill or power screwdriver?

    I need some advice :) I'm not a DIY novice, but am still learning! I have about a dozen small odd jobs that need doing in my new house: picture hooks, puitting curtain track and an outside doorbell etc. I was thinking of using a drill, but am worried they are quite heavy and i'd make a hash...