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    mixing multi finish plaster

    Well that's wafted a breath of fresh air through this post :lol: .. while everyone's refreshed after a long interval and now aware of new products on the market since clay and wattle, has anyone experience of a French product called Lutece 2000L .. the L meaning a longer workable product...
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    mixing multi finish plaster

    It's another two years older now and British Gypsum has probably been taken over by a foreign company, plus the original posters house is now a playing field. Mick.
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    Ring Main Circuit Route in Floor Insulation

    Hi JD. The mention of 6mm was enough to abort the idea, of course I could employ a mechanical means of forced air ventilation through the flexi and stick with 2.5mm :lol: I acknowledge the insight of 2.5mm to 6mm. Cheers Mick.
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    Ring Main Circuit Route in Floor Insulation

    Thanks BAS, thats good enough to go the traditional route then. Mick.
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    Ring Main Circuit Route in Floor Insulation

    Hello BAS. The flexi conduit would be 25mm and I suspect 2.5mm cable, it would be down to the 'Sparks' when the job is advanced to that stage later in the year. If there is an issue with routing through the Jablite in flexi I would abandon the idea, on the face of it, it seems to make...
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    Ring Main Circuit Route in Floor Insulation

    A new build property with 100mm thick Jablite installed in the floor, this will be followed by a further 75mm of Jablite backed flooring. Is there any reason why at the floor installation stage ie in the 100mm Jablite, that a flexible gaine/conduit could be channelled for the ring main cable...
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    Talktalk and OutLook Express - Anyone with that combination

    Hi opps. Spent several hours with the phone glued to my ear going round and round in circles and at the end of each session all they say is "The engineers are aware of the problem and working on it, it should be resolved in 48/72 hours. I'm now on my 3rd 48/72 hour wait period and have been...
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    Talktalk and OutLook Express - Anyone with that combination

    Try as I may I cannot get my Talktalk ISP to work with OE, TT are unable to help despite repeatedly re-entering all the details in the OE set up. A search reveals several others suffer the same problem and no solution found. TT constantly fob you off with it's a known issue and the engineers...
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    internet abroad

    Hello Amstel. If your determined to take your laptop Not going Ryanair then check your destination for WiFi hot spots, Google it, Your accomodation may even have it available. Cheers Mick.
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    Frozen apart mains stopcock joint - Picture

    As well as the power cut, is there also a cut out/sensor if the boiler fails to see mains water pressure present ? Frozen. Mick.
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    multi fuel stove

    A bit more kit could well be an under statement, is the oil boiler a gravity fed system ? as I doubt if its a closed loop you will find a suitable multi fuel stove, generally they are all gravity fed and you would need a heat sink rad as solid fuel stoves are not as controllable as gas and oil...
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    Steel Oil Tanks

    Having come across a couple of oil tanks, one of which we had to cut up to remove, I was amazed at the rusted internal sides of the tank, also a near neighbour had problems with a filter blockage on his system, particles of rust. Tilted the tank away from the outlet to overcome it. My vote...
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    Wall Hung Toilet On Wall with Bolts

    Personally I'm a big fan of resin anchoring. The link product is expensive but own brands are equally as good. Cheers Mick
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    no oil at boiler

    Until someone more conversant with oil related boilers comes along, is there any sediment/filter bowls in the system ? a small globule of water in a pipe run is your worst enemy in these current conditions. Cheers Mick.
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    Laptop with Alzheimer's

    The extreme cold weather has a detrimental effect, Laptop, softwear, I think we are still on topic :wink: Cheers Mick.
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    Laptop with Alzheimer's

    Depends the degree wor lass is measuring ... size / frequency :D :D :D All I need now is the verdict of which lap top. :? Mick.
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    anyone for a discussion about mm?

    Are you sure it's not M n M's .. could be a typo ..... a faulty spelk cheker. Mick.
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    Laptop with Alzheimer's

    Hello CC. Not quite sorted but deleted a substantial amount of photo's which has given me a few gig back for the time being. I have a 'Seagate' unit that I use for my PC and laptop backups and considered one of the newer pocket HD's. My intention is to do away with the two computers and get a...
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    Plastic pipe blown off shower - what's gone wrong?!

    Sure I've seen some were that, that type of 'O' ring insert should not be used on a compression olive fitting, a plain plastic or metal insert should be used ? I'll stand corrected. Mick.
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    Have I Gone Overboard-Pipe Sizes

    I could fit false stabs through the floor just to give the Wife something to aim for. :lol: Cheers Mick.