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    UPVC Window Rubber Seals

    Dear All I know you are able to buy the replacement rubber seals for the side that is removeable but is there any way to replace/repair the rubber seals that are attached to the plastic window frame itself; on mine this is on the outside? Thanks
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    Large Junction Box

    Hi All I want to install a junction box that is capable of connecting three 32-amp mains cabled but everyone I have tried so far just doesn't have the capacity due to the thickness of the cables; the terminal connectors are too small. Is there any recommendations for doing this? Thanks Graham
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    Hotpoint WMD962 Drum Bearing Replacement

    Dear All The bearings on my Hotpoint WMD962 washer sound like they are on the way out. I was wondering if it is worth the effort doing the job or paying for a repair? Looking online you cannot buy just the bearings & have to replace the whole drum unit which looks like a big job and the part...
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    11.5v Electronic Transformer VS 12v

    Today I replaced a dead electronic transformer rated at 105vA 240v primary 12v secondary with one of identical specification except the secondary was 11.5v which seems more standard nowadays. This transformer is for three sets of small halogens & I have noticed a big difference in brightness...
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    Mould On Ceiling

    Dear All I have lived in my home for approx 5 years now & mould on the master bedroom ceilnig has slowly increased. I am trying to work out the cause & as such attach a picture of the setup & describe below. My home has low evaes meaning that the ceilings upstairs are all curved where they...
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    Toilet Fill Valve Adjustment

    Dear All I am trying to work out how to adjust the height of the valve as per the attached photos "Toilet" to allow less/more water to fill the cistern. In the past I have done this simply by pulling down a clip around the whole plastic tube & then sliding the pipe up or down before pushing...
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    Water Ponding Under Roof

    I recently had my guttering, soffits & fascias replaced however I have noticed a potential problem on a small section of tiled roof. The piece of roof I refer to is tiled with felt underneath; when the fascia was replaced it looks like the builders put a small stripe of new felt (plastic...
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    Removing UPVC double glazed unit

    Dear All In my previous house I was easily able to remove the rubbers from the outside of the double glazed units & then replaced the blown units without any issue. Now at my new home I cannot work out how the units are removed. They still have very thin black rubbers on the outside but the...
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    Circuit Breaker Alarm

    Dear All Is there a simple way of rigging up an alarm (sound or light) to alert me when a circuit breaker goes? The reason I ask is that about twice a year the circuit for my outside electrics will go and as I have a chest freezer running in my garage unless I notice within hours I end up...
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    Rain water into waste drain

    Hello I know that it is completely wrong to run waste water into the rain/storm drains but is it ok to run rain water into a waste drain/sewer? Looking to add down pipe from my gutter and it's easier to run into the kitchen drain. Thanks
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    Shower Rail - RUST!!!

    Hi All Not sure what forum to put this in so opted for General. I am sick of the chrome shower rails I buy going rusty within a couple of years. Can anyone recommend a decent chrome one that will not rust in no time OR ideally I am looking for a rail that is 100% plastic but still has a...
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    Ideal Logic VS WB 24i Junior - Discuss

    Hi All I have decided to replace my Potterton Puma 80e that has been problematic for the last 2 years & my plumber/gas man has recommended either one of the two. He says the Ideal is very popular & he has installed lots without issue plus it comes with a 7 year warranty. The WB is about £100...
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    Hi All I have a Potterton Puma that is sick. When demand is made for either hot water or central airing the flames kicks in, the pump starts but then you can almost hear the pressure build before the boiler locks out & a small amount of water/steam comes out of the air vent at the very top...
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    Potterton Puma 80e Water Hot & Cold

    Dear All I posted a similar post while back but am looking for some fresh advice. I have the boiler model mentioned in the subject feeding a mixer tape shower (no thermostatic control). If I have a shower in the evening the shower is perfect; lovely constant flow & temperature with the...
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    Indesit WIDL126 filling with water even when swicthed off

    Hi There I have an Indesit WIDL126 that is about 7 years old. I came home today to find that it had filled with water & as the door was ajar there was a mess on the floor. I swiftly closed the door & ran a drain cycle that cleared it. I then noticed that with the soap depenser out water is...
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    Single VS Double Radiator

    This maybe a silly question but is a modern single radiator likely to be nearly as hot (BTU) as an old, dated double? I ask as I need to replace a dated double but the existing pipe centres will fit easily onto a new single & not a double due to the increased depth. I recently fitted a new...
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    Potterton Puma 80e - DHW Hot & Cold

    Dear All I already had my own suspicions & ideas; & as usual the posts on this forum are very helpful but I just thought I would post a new question to get some current opinions. I moved into my new home approximately 6 months ago & the Puma 80e has been no problem so far. Having come back...
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    Towel Radiators BTU

    This may sound like a silly question but I have been looking to buy a new towel radiator for my bathroom (replacing an existing one) & I am finding that even for ones of the same size the BTU from different manufactureres & makes varies hudely; why is this? Surely if they are the same size with...
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    Self Cutting Tap - CH

    Hi All What are peoples feelings on using self cutting taps on a combi/pressureized central heating system in order to add a radiator to some pipe work where the stalks that have been left are minimal in length & the floor is tiled so cannot be taken up easily...
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    Double Glazing Unit Riser

    Hi There I am not sure what they are called but I have referred to them as risers; I was wondering if it is possible to buy/replace the small plastic blocks that act a riser when you close a double glazed unit, as I have a few windows where they have broken. Please see picture below: