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    Any ideas as to what these fellas are?

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    Joist weight loads

    Hi I would like to move my bath into another room above the kitchen. I will need to build a stage on top of existing joists as the levels are terrible. Does anyone know anywhere that I can find out if all this extra weight would cause me a problem and where I could look to work this out. Thanks...
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    Staining/varnishing oak veneer doors

    Hi guys. I have bought an oak veneer front door and an internal one and was wondering if anyone could help me out with how best to finish them or what to use. Id like them to look pretty much as they do now with as least glossy look as possible too. Any help would be much appreciated thanks.
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    Oak veneer doors

    Hi guys/girls. Just after some advise on finishing my oak veneer doors. 1x internal and 1x external if that makes any difference. I just want a none glossy finish on them and dont really want to change the colour of the original wood too much either but must be weather proof. Ive been told not...
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    Cast iron

    Hi guys/girls, was just wondering how cast iron soil pipes were joined as I need to rotate the 't' from facing left to facing right as I'm re-planning my bathroom and thus moving my toilet to another wall. Any help would be great thanks
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    Block paving

    I want to do a small amount of block paving in my back garden (10m2) and was wondering if anyone could tell me what sort of base to put under it, how much hardcore sand etc. It will only have light foot traffic and the odd wheelie bin so nothing heavy. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Leaking kitchen tap

    Hi guys just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas on what I might need to do to stop my kitchen tap leaking. It appears to leak from the tap mechanism (the bit on the top that controls the pressure and temperature) and I also think it's leaking from the bit at the bottom (the bit that...