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    3 Phase to single phase

    Hi, looking for some advice I've just rented a small workshop which has 3 phase electricity, it is a shared unit. None of my work requires 3 phase, single phase is all I need but I would like a meter installed as we would share electric costs. I was thinking of getting an electrician to...
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    Hybrid shed build - Damp Proof Course

    Hi guys, looking for some guidance! I plan to build a small hybrid shed (blockwork/timber frame) approx 2m x 3m 2 Courses of blockwork directly onto the 90mm concrete base, I know normally you would use DPC 150mm above ground but do you think it wil be ok 80-90mm above ground or shall I not...
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    Downlights / Fan & Switch

    Hi, looking for some guidance, I am trying to work out how to do the following: 1. PIR to activate all lights but not the fan. 2. Switch to activate all lights and the fan. It's 230v mains circuit, can I use a diode for what I am trying to achieve? Or relay? Or is it best to just use another...
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    Magnetic door contact failure

    Hi guys, is it common for them to fail? I got these 10 contacts from TLC, 2 have failed so far. Now I'm worried about the others. The worse thing is that they have failed/stuck in the NC position, which would mean if a door was breached the alarm would not go off... And the alarm panel would...
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    Accenta G4 Mini

    Hi there, Recently installed the above alarm in my workshop. Happy with the install and function, however I've come across a very minor issue. The first zone is a roller shutter door with just a roller shutter door magnetic contact on the floor/shutter, this is the only entry/exit point and...
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    new switch blew

    Hi guys, looking for some help please! I changed old plastic 2 gang, 2 way to a new metal one (lap). This switches on outdoor sensor light and kitchen light, kitchen light has another switch opposite wall (which I haven't touched yet) I am 99% sure that I put the correct wires in the right...
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    Remote control roller shutter

    Hello, looking for some knowledgable guidance please :D Recently fitted a remote control box to a roller shutter. The one push type on fob to go up and down automatically. Functioning up/down/stop ok. The problem is if you do not press stop after roller shutter is fully open or closed, is that...
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    Epoxy floor paint thinning

    Hi, looking for some advice! Painting a small lockup/garage in the next few days. I have 20L of 2 Pack epoxy, 5L of epoxy thinners. Floor is prepped and ready to paint, I rented a industrial floor grinder/sander, all loose bits/mastic/crap has been removed, surface is mechanically sound...
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    Conduit / cable gland

    Hi, looking for some advice please. Intend to fit a suspended 6ft flurorescent fitting (0.5m with chains) in my workshop. From what I read I should convert T&E to flex from conduit box. Do you use one of these bushes on the end of conduit? And then for the flex Thank you!
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    Domestic Electrical Installer Course (18 days)

    Hi guys, just want to know your thoughts on this course? Mainly what can I do after I complete it? I've heard that you cannot install new wiring on new homes with the above qualification, is this true? Thanks, Morg
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    12v transformer outside

    Hi, looking for some advice please. Planning on fitting a 12v dc 2a infrared floodlight to improve night vision on a cctv camera. I have bought a ac/dc transformer (24w/2a) like the one pictured, my question is can this transformer be mounted in a waterproof box outside? Operating temp is upto...
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    River rock / Pebbles on bathroom wall

    Hi, wondering if anyone has any tips/advice on this :cool: I am planning on renovating my bathroom/wetroom. And want to use river rock pebbles, I already got the pebbles they are thin as slate, 2-3sq cm. Only plan to put them on one wall which is approx 2.4m high by 2m wide... May break up the...
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    Extending fence posts

    Hi there, just seeking advice! Feather-edge fence is currently 4-5 feet high. Looking to higher the fence to about 6 feet (neighbour's permission granted). I'll be purchasing new feather-edge boards (6 ft), but trying to cut down on costs... So looking to extend the current posts rather...
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    Earth Question

    Hi folks, just a question, I have been replacing a few sockets and switches in my house and I noticed that the earth is connected to the metal back boxes on switches, but on sockets the earth is connected to the socket, with the earth terminal on back box empty Just want to know why cheers
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    Legal aspect of Electrics in a commercial setting

    Hello, upon reading the laws and regs in a domestic setting - as a diy'er you are allowed to replace sockets, switches, run spurs except in kitchen/bathroom etc even replace a shower if current circuit 'is there'. My question is with regards to a commercial setting... I'm sure I read that you...
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    Propane Space Heater

    Hello, hope someone can help me out ! I have searched for forums about this and a few people are saying Propane should never be used indoors. But machine mart are selling them, in particular the "Little Devil Propane Heater" stating that it is suitable for 'small workshops' or the 'home...
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    Hydrated Lime for render

    Hi, looking to render a small wall over the weekend. I put a scratch coat on 6-8mm with ordinary cement 4-1. Put another coat on {10mm} and floated that off, 5 sand, 1 cement, 1 hydrated lime 5-1-1. Now I want to put on final coat, perhaps a pattern/effect. Reading the sites on the...
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    Fixing wallplate to concrete block

    Hi there, I'll be fitting a box profile metal roof to my garage. Not apex. I'm using a 4x2 wall plate on a bed of mortar, should I also secure it to the concrete block using hew screws and plugs? (see pic below) Also, I'm using 3x2's to support the roofing sheets (400mm centres)...
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    Outdoor socket advice

    Hi, I posted a thread a few weeks ago, but I can't find it. Need to fit a socket outdoors. My question is, If I fit an outdoor junction box directly over the outside hole (from an indoor socket), how will I stop the water seeping in from behind? Or is it just $ods law? I need a...
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    Outdoor Socket help

    Hi there I'll be fitting one of these to an indoor existing socket (upgrading my current one) Cable Capacity: - 3×2.5mm² This socket will be fitted outside on the same wall as the existing indoor socket (parallel). So would you use twin & earth from the existing socket into a...