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    Texecom Premier Elite - output for individual zone triggers?

    Hi there I want to send signals from a Texecom Premier Elite 24 panel. I know that it can switch an output relay when an alarm (or e.g. a confirmed alarm) is triggered. But what I really want is to send a signal for each zone that is triggered - so if zone 1 is triggered, this will switch...
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    Replacement for Texecom Veritas - more zones needed

    Hi there We have a Texecom Veritas system installed from before we moved in. We are having building work done and need more zones (9) than the 8 that the Veritas is capable of. My question is - what would be the easiest system to upgrade to? I don't particularly want to change the PIRs...
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    Plumber installed boiler - roomstat not compliant & no T

    Dear all I moved into a house a year ago. We saw that the house had a new boiler (installed in 2009) when we bought the house. The boiler that was fitted was a Worcester Greenstar Ri - and the installation manual is here...
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    Worcester Greenstar Ri kaput - two blue light flashes

    Hi there I think our dishwasher tripped the kitchen circuit (I am almost certain it was the dishwasher and not the boiler tripping the circuit). This caused the boiler to behave as follows: a long pause then two quick flashes from the blue fault indicator in the middle of the unit With...