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    Accenta G4 fault PIRs

    I have accenta G4 unit in garage, key panel in house, few contact sensors and three PIRs. Had a kitchen fault other day so alarm wouldn't arm. Quickly checking the systems indicates the contact sensors are fine. It looks to be all the PIRs which are dead as there is no red light. Checking the...
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    Valiant Ecotec 831 combi heating turns on random

    Got the Ecotec combi 831 and lately I have started to hear the heating kick in even though temp is set to 19C and its reading 23C! Anyone come across this? Wondering if the Honeywell thermostat/programmer is faulty or could it be a faulty sensor on boiler? Recall reading boiling has a low temp...
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    Belo oven wont work SCC2632

    Hello all My mothers oven has stopped working and was wondering if any of you have some suggestions as to what could be wrong? Its a single oven Beko SCC 2632. She mentioned the grill in it still works
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    Removing Aluminium sliding door

    This will be slightly difficult as my camera is buggered! but was wondering if someone had a general idea of how to remove my aluminium sliding doors? The reason being the sill has rotted and I need to replace it so was going to remove the sliding door and the fixed panel to make fitting a new...
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    Ford Ka heater just blowing hot help

    Iv got a 2004 ka sport and the heater just gives hot air all the time regardless of what position its in. Can anyone give me some advice on a fix please? Im assuming the heater control is a variable resistor of some kind and the voltage varries when the knob is turned? If I measure the voltage...
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    Worcester 24CDI thermostat help please

    My father has one of these boilers but there is no thermostat so it turns the house into an oven and means the boiler is not running efficently. Now it has a digital programer built in so Id like to install a thermostat. Id like a digital programer/thermostat worcester one ( anyone recommend...
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    Large tile fixing advice please?

    Iv just ordered a large ceramic tile(Sahara Marfil) which is about 30x90cm :shock: . I have not used tiles this large before so would like some advice on how to fit them and also if anyone can suggest a good adhesive? thanks in advance :D
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    Silicon around shower tray not bonding

    Recently fitted a shower tray and I have sealed all the way round with silicon for use in bathrooms but the stuff just does not want to stay bonded to the shower tray in some places!! :( Has anyone any ideas? Was thinking of spending more money on a named brand of silicon but it might just...
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    Cleaning percelain tiles. HELP

    Right then I have laid some porcelain tiles in my kitchen and they wont clean up. They are a black/dark grey tile and I used a dark grout but due to other circumstances delayed cleaning the grout off the tiles till few days later. Now it seems as if the grout has worked its way into the tile but...
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    Supplementary bonding. Quick question? Photos via name

    Now I have an electric shower and light circuit in the bathroom and I’m just wondering how you should run the 4mm earth cable for the supplementary bonding? Should I run one from the light to the hot/cold pipe and then to the radiator pipe (I was going to connect this next door in the cupboard...
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    Laying engineered floor

    Right then Iv just bought some oak engineered flooring and would like some tips on the way forward. Its going on a very flat new concrete floor which has been down for 4 months. Is it best to glue it down or maybe a floating floor? Any help would be great.
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    Wiring Extension advice

    Now Im building an extension and this requires me to extend lighting and socket ring mains into new extension. Now I have done basic wiring courses so would like to carry out the wiring myself then get an electrician in after and get it test(and sort any bits I need for the new regs). Does...
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    Electric under tile heating

    I’m looking to fit underfloor electric mat heating in my kitchen just to take the chill off the tiles. Now I don’t have a massive budget so it looks to be buying a kit to go straight on the concrete floor and tile straight on top. Now I’m just wondering if anyone has any advice or...
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    Dishwasher Recommendation

    I'm after a fully integrated dishwasher for ~£400 and was wondering if its worth buying a cheaper make and get a long warranty or buy a better make? Has anyone got any suggestions on route to take and any recommendations on a make and model?
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    Granite Worktops

    Right then can anyone give me some guidense on granite worktops. I'v notices on ebay there are two companies who will supply and fit 3 lengths of worktops for ~£1000 which I thought was good value. Has anyone used any of these? Universal Granite UK and Mister Marble
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    Fibreglass insulation around heating pipes?

    Is it dangerous to have fibre glass insulation touching my heating pipes? I'm laying is under my floor which is where my heating pipes run. Its fire class A1 stuff.
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    Supplementary bonding. Help!

    I’m having a new extension built on the side of the house and in this will be my new bathroom and a down stairs toilet. Now can someone point me in the right direction with regards to bonding? In the main bathroom I’m under the impression the pipes to the bath, sink and the radiator need...
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    Cooker cable size?

    Can some let me know if 6mm cable is ok for this cooker? There is nothing else apart from a socket at the switch running off the cable.
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    Samsung cinema system sound problems HELP!

    Right then I’m having problems setting my fathers Samsung LE52M8 TV, HT-TX35 cinema system and sky box. Right, I’ve connected the sky box to the TV via the scart and then connected the sky box to the cinema system with scart. Then I have used an audio cable from the sky box “audio out” to the...
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    changing heating pipes under floor

    Right then I'm extending my house and adding 3 more rads to my system(only 3 small rads in airing cupboard, ensuite and toilet). Not long had a new combi valliant fitted(they said its fine for more rads to be fitted). I'v taken all the floor boards up and the pipes(flow and return) from the...