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    Extractor Fan Replacement What Type

    I have a ceiling extractor fan in my windowless WC which needs replacing. The current fan is a vectaire timer type which is connected to an isolator switch and also operates when the light is switched. The current fan is connected to an incoming cable that has red, blue and yellow wiring. The...
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    Can I Replace a Failed Sealed Unit With Standard Sheet Glass

    I would like to replace the failed sealed units in my timber framed (John Carr) windows wiyh sheet glass. The sealed units I believe are about 20mm thick. So Will I have a problem finding glass of a similar thickness? Your advice as everwould be much appreciated.
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    DECt Phone Batteries

    As ever I would appreciate any advice or information that is on offer. I need to replace the rechargeable batteries in my dect phones. This is has become quite a task as I have been unable to locate the same or similar anywhere. Each phone takes 2 AAA 650mah rechargeable batteries. I have been...
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    Help with sealed units in wooden casement windows

    I would appreciate any help or advice on how to replace the sealed unit in the non-opening side of a double-glazed wooden casement window. I have salvaged windows from a house that was having new plastic fitted and will use these as my replacements Now the easy option I guess, would be to...