3sqm of kitchen tiles - how much

8 Sep 2012
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
how much would you charge(labour only) to do 3sqm of 150x75 tiles. With 4 socket cut out, walls have 7mm variance(so not perfect). U shape and tiles taken to bottom of wall cabinets. Tile is standard size to cut. In addition there is a window ledge where it goes along also.
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Dont think you will get a tiler price this up per m2 as they would with a floor or bathroom job.

Most i know would price this as a day rate job.

So whatever he needs to earn to cover his/hers costs for the day.

(price would vary depending where you were in the UK too)
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Get out of here.
Are you nuts?
Do you really expect a professional tiler to pull up in an expensive van with expensive eqpt. expensive qualifications and experience, and work for peanuts - dont worry about: self-employment, sickness, holidays, pensions, insurance and profit?

Your attitude makes me sick - wanting to use workers for the lowest possible bone. £100 for what has to be a days pay because even a few metres of jobbing tiling will rip the heart out of the day. The min. minimum for a self employed tradesperson has to be £35/hr - realistically in 2017 more like £40/hr.

I wouldn't give you the time of the day never mind professional advice on here - & I hope others will walk away .
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Sussex rates are £45is per sq. M
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In Birmingham? Rates are that low. 35 pound a hour! Wow that's high! It also depends if it's cash or not.

There are many jobs which are less than a day. For example plumber charges 60 pound to change a tap.

Also the rate depends on a lot of factors. We pay a carpenter 130 a day. He has 30 years of experience. But within our family we keep using him for rennovation works so he works nearly every day for us. He gets no hassle. Doesn't have to quote. So he finds it decent value.
In addition to above. You get what you pay for. My plumber who I regard as good value has made some "school boy errors" however I do appreciate some trades are 300 a day. . You will get better quality . They are also good value. It's a way of the world
We pay a carpenter 130 a day. He has 30 years of experience. But within our family we keep using him for rennovation works so he works nearly every day for us. He gets no hassle. Doesn't have to quote. So he finds it decent value.

Are you talking about your dad? as he is a chippy who you mentioned in another post?

No. My dad is on 120 and he sub contracts. He gets work 5 days a week and doesn't have to quote . This isn't even cash. Have you ever seen some of the money council pays for its job? To even bid for them you need to price very low.
Your post does not make sense.

You hire a carpenter and pay him £130 per day (keeping him busy working for all of your family) when your dad is a carpenter and earns £120 per day?????

Because my dad is sub contracted to a firm. He works 6 days a week. So he has no time. So I use another carpenter, who me and a few other members of family utilise very heavily. So we use him
Birmingham. Rates are 25 a sqm cash. So hopefully 100 quid max

That has to be one of the funniest pieces of blissful ignorance I have seen in a while. Really, a joke.

Ok, say the job was straight forward (which its not because of the levels)....... cost of materials, wear and tear on tools, tax and national insurance, public liability, travel expenses, van costs. for £100, cash or otherwise, , that tiler would be very lucky to even keep half that for himself.

His earnings for the day is £40-50 (if he's lucky)..... equivalent of £4.50-£5.50 an hour to take home for the day. Would you work for that? And before you say "he could do that in a couple of hours, half day at the most", maybe he can if he cuts a corner and grouts it long before he should, but that doesn't mean he can pick up work to fill in the remainder of the day. It doesn't work like that.

To be honest, based on my area (also midlands), if a tiler offered to do it for £200-£250 labour only, you should be snapping his arm off at that and you'd still have a top notch professional job. Sounds a lot on the face of it, but at least its realistic.
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Pay 100 quid and you might as well give the "tiler" a Stetson hat and a six gun as theres no way in hell that its professionqal.

Splashbacks are easily 2 days work as tubbed takes 24 hours after you finish to dry.

Cheapest professional tiler I know is £150 for labour a day.but will do a splash for £250.

Unless it's Metro....

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