5 amp sockets keeps tripping - confused

13 May 2021
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United Kingdom

I have two 5amp sockets which are to be used for side lights and controlled by a dimmer on the wall in my living room.

I have never used these sockets and bought two lamps and changed these to suitable plugs. On using it trips circuit. I was convinced that it was the lamps.

Then I tested the lamps in my bedroom with same 5amp socket setup and the living room lamps work perfectly. So it must be problem with the living room circuit, but no, I tried the bedroom lamps in the living room and these work fine.

Im lost and confused to what the problem could be. Any suggestions?
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Could it be the dimmer? Are the lights LED? Not all dimmers are suitable for LED. Bypass the dimmer and see what happens
Just changed the dimmer module to brand new. Still tripping..
Did you try bypassing it..?

i.e. use a chocbloc to hard wire it closed, while the Rcbo/mcb is off.
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What trips? An RCD with a test button ?
If yes, that circuit could be incorrectly wired, i.e the neutral at the CU is incorrectly connected
Yes the RCD in the consumer unit trips. It sounds like I may need to get an electrician in.

What is confusing to me is why do one set lamps work fine without it tripping, but the ones I want to use cause it to ??
So I take the lightbulb out and turn on off and doesn't trip. I only know very basic electrics, so would you have an idea what it could be wrong with the bulb? It meets the requirements of the lamp, and is dimmable.
All lights work OK in bedroom but only new lights trip a breaker in lounge with a bulb in.

Can you swap bulbs betwen lights?

I am thinking there are 2 possibilities:

1. The new lights wire incorrectly and trip RCD or RCBO for lounge circuit but bedroom circuit is is not on RCD or RCBO.
2. Bedroom lights are very low power LEDs EDIT: and current too low to trip RCD and lounge sockets are wired incorrectly.

Can you take pictures of how you've wired the plugs and share them here?
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6 watt may not trip a RCD even connected line to earth seems likely wrong connection.
I think the requirement for tripping is something like 15 to 25mA (figures off the top of my head) So I'd hope 6W connected line to earth would trip a 30mA (it's right at the top limit of the acceptable current so may not) but 4W is unlikely to.
For example; pair of lamps fitted with these: https://www.ledbulbs.co.uk/products...KK7pPyY7G69E3NhRTIJ3gDRMntGS4LbBoCWZMQAvD_BwE will therefore not be a problem.
I was thinking wrong neutral connection used
Maybe taken from the socket circuit
Oh yes I see, I was thinking more about a N/E flip in the wiring by the time it gets to the socket. However the effect is the same.

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