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17 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom
I recently bought a new house that needs quite a bit of work. The boiler is approx 30 years old and so far (we've only been there 2 weeks) it's heated the water up fine but obviously we've not tested the central heating yet. Prior to purchase I paid a company to inspect the boiler but they've essentially done a runner with my money and provided no report (although they did apparently turn up to do the job). Therefore I am quite wary of getting another tradesman out to quote for some work.

We are quite happy to replace the boiler but I don't know whether that usually means replacing the rest of the heating system as well so I want to be prepared. (I've had an electrican round to quote for a shower and he talked me into re-wiring the entire house). I know nothing about heating systems and have found it impossible to get recommendations for local (Leeds) tradesman. I've resorted to picking people at random from the Corgi website but would appreciate any advice on what to look out for in a sales pitch that might include unnecessary work.The boiler is currently at floor level in the kitchen. There is a water tank in a bedroom upstairs. We have one bathroom but plan to put an ensuite in the existing loft conversion at some point.
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A quote from British Gas would be a standard starting point, though a couple of others would be worth getting too.
And if anyones higher than BG let us know and we can all have a :LOL: on the forum ;)
I've already got nPower coming round. I figure they'll be as bad as BG.
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Before going with BG (get a quote from them by all means) just consider what happend to me -


Doesnt make for pleasant reading.

Any response re. that keep to that thread as I dont want to wreck your thread. ;)

Good luck!

By the way I went to Powergen too for a quote and their sub-contractor guy came but never got back in touch. I let Powergen know and they were not impressed.
My recomendation would be to get prices for same make and model of boiler, chemical cleaning and treating of system water (can easily add two days to the job of fitting the boiler), ensuring gas line is rated for the boiler, Benchmark logbook is completed and the installer is to subsequently maintain the boiler.

This will get you prices for everyone doing the same task.

To get you started, go for a Vaillant Ecomax 835E. So every one will be singing from the same hymn sheet
I agree with DP..
I can't stress enough the importance of getting all the companies to quote on the same work schedule.
I get soooooo p'd off by quoting on doing the job properly, using only good makes of boiler/controls etc only to find out that somebody else has been in and quoted on cheap and cheerful with no chance of that little thing called (Customer satisfaction) after the new system has failed after a few months.
Do a little research and get the best value for money from your new system.
And lastly make sure that the installation company is deemed competant to fit your new system, any good installer would have no problem about showing you CORGI card/unvented card/part P or part L compliance tickets.
I had BG round for a quote afterall.

£5,200 for complete new central heating system comprising:

Ideal Isar HE30 (re-sited to bedroom from kitchen)
6 replacement radiators (keeping 2 exisiting rads)
remote timer/control
removal of old boiler/pipes etc and making good.

Will be getting another quote tomorrow.
Does that mean he's going to use the existng radiator pipes where they're in the right places, or take them up too?

Why in the Bedroom?? Wouldn't want it there. Bound to hear it. The earlier versions of the Isar had a nonoptional, non switchoffable keepingthemselveshot function. so they lit up at all times of day and night.
Apparently we have a 1 pipe system at the moment so it'll be all new pipes. He quoted for the boiler in a bedroom as he misunderstood me when I said I didn't want a floor standing boiler (we have an Ideal Mexico). He took it to mean I didn't want the boiler in the kitchen. I wouldn't have it in a bedroom as it'd keep the baby awake. Having the new one in the kitchen would add a bit to the cost apparently.

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