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10 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi guys,

I woundered if there are any decoraters on the forum that could offer me some advice.

im about to wallpaper the walls in my living room. I have only ever wallpapered once on my own but have helped others out quite a few times. Now i dont really have a problem hanging the wallpaper but when I did my bedroom 18 months ago, I thought i did a pretty good job. all the seams on the wallpaper were hardly noticable when i finished which i was really happy with. Problem was, 12 months later, the seams on the wallpaper began to come away from the wall for apparently no reason at all. ive had to restick them using paste but they have not gone together aswell as they did

my question is, does anyone know what i did wrong?? and what caused this to happen?? any idea how to stop this happenng again as the last thing i want, is to wallpaper my living room and 12 months later the same thing happen again

also, the wallpaper my partner has picked says its a 'paste the wall' paper

can i just paste the wallpaper on a table as normal and hang or do i have to paste the wall and hang it dry if you know what i mean.

any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated
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Not a pro deccy,so wait for there replys,but yes you can paste-paste the wall-wallpaper.Reason seams lifting may be your pasting technique,ensure even coverage all over paper,and pay special attention to edges,make sure you dont "wipe it off" ,experience is only way to ensure though,i reckon.
You can paste the paper traditionally but why not try the paste the wall technique?
It is very quick, easy, and virtually all I ever use. Use a good quality ready mixed adhesive (no chance of knocking up a weak mix), and apply with a 9" roller, then do edges of wall with a brush, so a really good coverage is achieved with no 'misses' or thin patches of paste on the edges. Apply the paper direct from the roll. All your cuts will be dry so less chance of tearing. hardly any mess.
Dont forget to size the wall first.

Do a 'paste the wall' search on youtube and you will see a few tutorials that will give you the basic idea.

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