air bricks venting into conservatory

2 May 2006
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United Kingdom
I am planning on building a conservatory onto the back of my house.
The conservatory will have a concrete base and the floor level will be below the existing air bricks that vent from under the kitchen suspended wooden floor.
Building control has said that air bricks cannot vent into a conservatory therefore I need to raise my floor level to be above the air bricks and duct them through the concrete and out of the base wall of the conservatory.

1. Is there any other way other than raising the floor to solve the problem?
As if the height of the conservatory increses then it will enclose the extractor vent which I was trying to avoid moving.
2. If I have to raise the floor but still want a concrete base do I just increase the thickness of the concrete then?
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Couldn't you add more airbricks at the sides of the house, or the back but in the area not enclosed by the conservatory?

If you really have to raise the floor, you might use a layer or two of insulating foam between the base slab and the topping, would give extra benefits in insulation as well as being cheaper than extra m2s of readimix.
In Scotland and 1 metre from boundary so firewall and consequently building control :(

I would be enclosing 4 air bricks, and its a pretty small house so no space for more on back wall. Didn't think of putting them in other walls will run that past building control and see what they think.

Yes I would probably use more insulating but the floor needs to be raised by 2 bricks so thats quite a lot...!
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zulu705 said:
Is there any other way other than raising the floor to solve the problem?
Is it possible to fit one of these :?:
Isn't that designed to vent the bricks higher than where they are positioned ? Also my airbricks are two bricks high that looks only one brick high.

The dpc is 2 bricks from ground level and the airbricks 1 brick above this and two bricks high. I wanted my conservatory floor to be 3 bricks from ground level so to use the telescopic ventilator I would need to remove the airbrick, fit the ventilator, run the pipes through the concrete conservatory base and fit the airbrick to the front of the base wall, this would mean the air brick in the base wall would be at ground level which i am not sure is acceptable.

Think I'll just have to raise the conservatory floor :(
zulu705 said:
... the air brick in the base wall would be at ground level which i am not sure is acceptable.

you could use another of them to raise it again? and if you have a good deep cavity under the floor of the house, you need not start the ducts at old air-brick level, you could cut through it at the height the ducts come out of the new slab.
Cavity is not that deep, 3 bricks up then airbricks. I think the DPC is at tthe level of the airbricks so couldn't move them down without them being below the DPC.

Does anyone know of a supplier that does two brick high telescopic vents?

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