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10 Apr 2007
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United Kingdom
I have a problem with my central heating system. There seems to be a large amount of air regularly in the system, but strangely it cannot be bled from the radiators. It seems to travel round the heating circuit in large lumps of air.

The only place there is usually any air to bleed is at a bleed point in the hot water circuit.

Every now and then great belches go up to the expansion tank, and occasionally it sounds as though the pump is completely dry for a minute or two.

Often water can be heard sloshing down to the boiler. This all sounds pretty bad to me - does anyone have any ideas?
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I have never heard of "lumps" of air.

In fact the only way I could visualise "air" in a single lump is inside a baloon.

Air is much lighter than water and finds its way to the highest point.

Perhaps all your bleed screws are bunged up?

Or there is no air in the system anyway?

Perhaps you should be checking you header tank?

may be pumping over if tank fed. may be incorrect position of feed & vent or not a tall enough vent over f/e tank. try turning pump on to slowest speed to see if it settle s down.
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Slugbabydotcom said:
Agile said:
I have never heard of "lumps" of air.


I have! Its where people put their Sky hooks and hang tins of tartan paint from them :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

i think what he means is sum dodgy plumber has dumped a load of faulty spirit level bubbles in his pipework, however if goes to his emmersion heater and removes the giggle pin that should cure it


do you never fart in the bath then or what

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