Alexa on any alarm

I’ve wired it up like the diagram, z33 to ch1 and z34 to ch2 with the COM connected, but I keep getting a tamper alert on the alarm panel for it.

Do I need to buy physical 4k7 resisters to bridge the C and NC on the sonoff for ch1 and ch2? And a physical 2k2 resisters in-line on the sonoff NC to z33 and z34? Or is it a setting in the control panel? As I read somewhere about an EOL setting on the control panel that sets 4k7/2k2?
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Never mind, got it working.

For those interested, the Euro 46v10 uses the standard input for keyswitch latched operation. All you have to do is connect the NO & Common on the sonoff to the 2 a inputs on the Euro 46 and connect the 2 t inputs to override the tamper. Then in the control panel set the input to keyswitch latched and your input area to be the area you want to set/unset.

Would you be able to send detailed instructions on what you did. I already have two zones on mu Euro46 panel.

This is just what i was looking for,

Anyone know of any alternative to the echo button as they dont seem to be on sale anymore...
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This is just what i was looking for,

Anyone know of any alternative to the echo button as they dont seem to be on sale anymore...
I've noticed you cant get hold of them anymore which is a pain, all i can find is something like this
not had one though so not sure how easy it will be to wire up and program up. It will just be a magnetic read switch so shouldn't be to hard.
I realise this is an old thread but thought someone may be able to help.
I don't want to control my alarm with Alexa, but only to get the alarm armed status (away, night or off) to use with Alexa. I only want to set the alarm using the keypad. The idea is to have the set mode trigger a lighting routine when no one is home.

I see there is a konnected interface available but was hoping for a cheaper solution.

I had the idea to use a smart door contact and replace the magnet with a 12v electromagnet and wire this to a zone with 12v supply when alarm is armed. The contact would then be 'closed' and used to trigger Alexa routines. Disarming the alarm would stop the supply and 'open' the sensor and again stop or trigger a different routine.
The problem with this is that all the small electromagnets I have seen can only be powered for some minutes at a time. I need something that can be powered for long periods of time.

Any help appreciated
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