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20 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
Is the following correct :Old oven supplied by 6mm cable from 45a mcb to ccu then outlet plate then oven.I want to replace this with 10mm cable from the same 45a mcb to a seperate 3 way consumer unit which will then supply a 6.8kw hob from a 32a mcb via 6mm cable,a 3.6kw microwave combi from a 16a mcb via 2.5mm cable and a 3.5kw oven from another 16a mcb via 4mm cable.
Can somebody tell me if this ok and if I need to put in ccu's before each appliance and if so can I put them in cupboards.
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Sounds fine to me. Can't think why you'd need CCUs. Why 4mm for the oven cable?

You could do us all a favour and initially use a 25A breaker in the main CU - I'd love to know if the cooking appliance diversity guidelines make sense....
there should be accessible isolation for the cooker equipment

i would put an exposed cooker control unit first then hide the consumer unit doing the distribution in a cupboard

supply--visible cooker control unit---hidden small consumer unit

the small consumer unit seems a smart way to deal with theese european cooker seperates that are too high power for a plug or FCU yet aren't intended for direct connection to a high current cooker cuircuit
I believe diversity has its place, but you would have to apply diversity here to allow 60A worth of gear to run off a 45A circuit.

I thought everyone here was almost unanimous in their choice of allowing 100% current flow in the case of ovens, for that "What-if Xmas" type scenario, or have I got it wrong?
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hmm i was just thinking about the principal i hadn't looked at his currents

id keep the small CU idea for the oven and hob but put the microwave combination on its own cuircuit back to the main board

or you could keep your idea and go for a 63A 16mm cuircuit but if you do this you would have to either make the small CU accesible (yuck) or put seperate accessible cooker control units after it due to the fact that i doubt you will find a 63A cooker control unit ;)
The kitchen is integral so the small consumer unit would be on the wall in the garage at the back of the oven/microwave-combi housing.So the cables could be run straight through the wall.The hob is on the other side of the kitchen but as it is a bungalow yhe 6mm cable could be run through the roof space to a ccu in the cupboard below the hob.
Is this ok or do I also need ccu's for the seperate oven and microwave-combi.
You need a means of isolation for maintenance - the MCBs would provide that.

If you're one of those people that like to switch off the supply to appliances that aren't being used, then you will need CCUs, or some sort of switches (you can get 45A ones that look like this:


as MCBs are not designed to be switched on and off all the time.

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