Any engineers around Aberdeen who knows Potterton Puma 100e?

18 Jan 2012
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United Kingdom
Guys, is there any one here who know good engineer familiar with Potterton Puma 100e. Its fluctuating HW temperature and seems pointing towards scale in heat exchanger?? Hope not!!! So looking someone to actually diagnose the problem and if thats really a heat exchanger than replace the one? (seems only place can get heat exchanger is off ebay, sems its obsolete now).

Appereciate if anyone knows any engineer?

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Aberdeen is a soft water area so you can not have scale in your heat exchanger
Ian, thanks and yeah thats what I suspect as its very soft water across Aberdeen but we had one engineer and said its heat exchanger scale causing this, which I doubt due to the same reason above.
We had fluctuating hot water in shower since a while and seems only trick worked was to start shower and bath tap to full for first min or two and than reduce the flow at bath tap to gain flow at shower, and that gave constant hot water.
Suspect something is going on, hance looking for someone who knows these boilers and hope it does not turn into boiler replacement.
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Scale or sludge will give the same results and it doesn't matter what you call it.

I am In Aberdeen and know the boiler well, could maybe even make a guess where you live if it's in a block of flats full of them. :D
Also reading back on your second post the Puma is a weird boiler in a few ways and the hot water arrangement is particularly poor. Having to mess about with taps to get the shower going could also point to a dodgy wax capsule.
There you go didnt realise that @nickso was in your area and he seems to know your problem so give him a shout
Very unfortunately many engineers use the term scale when they mean sludge.

Lime scale would be on the hot water tubes inside the heat exchanger. Sludge would be metal oxides originating from the rads on the system and that would be on the boiler side of the heat exchanger.

For some reason the Puma hardly ever gets any problem with lime scale even in relatively hard water areas.

I used to go to very many of them but very few in the last 2-3 years. Their slightly odd design needs an engineer who understands them and if not then a replacement is suggested. Repairs are not helped by several parts being obsolete now.

Even sludge in the heat exchanger can be dealt with by chemical treatment. The only need to replace the heat exchanger is if it is leaking. I did one about three years ago as they were to extend the kitchen and did not want to replace the boiler. Using a recovered heat exchanger from stock I expect I did the job rather too cheaply and the boiler is still in use.

Can't be a desperate situation Jamie as there's been no contact yet.
I only know of two schemes that have them, union grove/granton place newish builds and somewhere beside cattofield but cant remember exactly.

Been a while since seen one
Ashgrove and Holland street were the two I was thinking of. Theres some up Seaview crescent in BOD too.

Could be a random unlucky install though. :D
if only you Aberdeen lads had an Oscilloscope and a laithe and an ERM meter in your backpack you wouldnt be losing out on these lucrative jobs

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