Following a recent thread regarding the protocols utilised by AOL, and as I was unsure myself, I decided to email them with the question. Here is the response for any AOL users who aren't in the know.

I'm not quite sure about the dates since PPPoA seems to work for some people. Sorry, it's a bit wordy :confused:

"I would like to inform you that the PPPoA network is closing on the 30th September and today (25/09/06) we will be sending a letter (see below) with a broadband driver disk to those Members who need to upgrade their AOL software prior to migrating to the PPPoE network (Members need to be on either AOL 8 or AOL 9 to have access on the PPPoE network). These Members will also be contacted on the phone next week.
In addition all Members who have AOL8/9 and are still using the PPPoA network will receive an outbound call this week advising them to migrate to the new PPPoE network. To ensure we communicate to all Members we will also send a modal pop-up (cannot be clicked out of) from Wednesday 27th September.
When the member clicks on 'just click here' it will take them to the follow destination:
Please note if you are do not have the router listed in the above given link then Please write to us with the make and model number of that modem so that we can help you further in this regard.
Please note all members will still receive CVM pop-ups even after the network has closed for those members who have not migrated up to 27th October.
Please note that if you are on older network then you will get this letter to upgrade your network. "

Letter to AOL 7.0 Members
The network you are currently using to access AOL will be shut down on 30th September 2006. Unless you act now, after this date you will no longer be able to access AOL or the Internet.
Changing to the new network is easy and will ensure that you don't lose your Internet connection. The new network will give you faster download speeds and will be more reliable.
What do I need to do?
1. Go to KW: Upgrade and install AOL 9.0. You will need to install this latest version of AOL before inserting the enclosed disc.
2. Close down AOL.
3. Insert CD and select the modem that you have from the images that appear. The upgrade process will now start. (if your modem does not appear please call Member Services on 0870 320 2020*).
4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
5. You will be presented with a software license agreement, which you will be required to read and accept before you can proceed.
6. Do not attempt to interrupt the upgrade installation process by restarting AOL. Wait until you see the AOL Sign-On Screen again before attempting to go online. If you interrupt the process, you risk breaking the connection.
7. Sign on to AOL again in the normal way and your network upgrade will be complete.
Please carry out this upgrade at the earliest opportunity; It is important you switch to the new network before the existing one is phased out so as not to interrupt your service. You may also receive a message on screen when you sign on to AOL that will also enable you to download any other necessary updates.
If you have any questions, do please contact Member Services on 0870 320 2020*.
Once again, thank you for your input.

We are fortunate to know that you have taken time to let us know about this issue so that we can fulfil our service related performance.

I again apologise for the inconvenience caused to you

And that's about all for now. We hope this mail is of some use to you. If you require any further help, please feel free to visit our online support at AOL Keyword: Help. This offers full information on all aspects of your AOL account, with answers to the most frequently asked questions and links to other helpful resources.

There's a dedicated team of Agents trained to answer your questions from 8am to midnight, seven days a week on 0870 320 2020. See AOL Keyword: Support Me for details of call charges.

Kind Regards,

AOL Member Services.
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Igorian - well done for getting hold of this.

Even though I already considered AOL to be absolutely ****, their wordy, tardy and barmy message has led to expect even less from them in the future.
Oh fiddlesticks, just set my aunty's aol connection up yesterday, used PPPoA and worked fine. I haven't had any emails, popups and the link comes back with a "Page not found (error 404)" when entered into the AOL browser. I can't see anything about this at all on the aol main page and have hunted around a bit for it. I'll ask one of the lads I work with next week what the full score is as his wife has something to do with AOL support. I'll keep you posted.
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I fear this to have been an empire-building maneouver on the part of Charles Dunston, and I can't see any way for it to have any short-term benefit to AOL users - the same old sh*te support staff will still be providing the same old sh*te service.