Bathroom Cabinet Led Strip

30 Jul 2004
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United Kingdom
I am trying to replace Led Strips as per attached photos but I am unable to find the supplier/manufacturers/brand to get hold of led strips.
I will be glad if anybody has information so I can buy replacement.
Thank you.


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A quick search doesn't bring up any specific results for the strip, for me.

Theoretically, any led strip of the appropriate voltage could replace the existing. However, matching the hole spacing, to the LEDs may be a problem.

If you don't have any luck finding the correct strip, you could look at a COB (chip on-board) LED strip - this provides an almost seamless light source - at least some light should come through the holes!

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I had the same problem, I got some really good LED strip lighting from Lidi, it is robust and 22 watt so can be turned up bright, but when I wanted to extend the lighting, could not get any more.

The bathroom is a problem as no sockets allowed and most strip lights come with walmart plug in transformers, so much depends on if you can get one behind some panel out of the way, or supplied from another room?

I got some from Screwfix which came in three sections, the walmart output 12 volt DC 2 amp 24 watt, had one fail so took a photo, then the controller which changes the strip output and colour, and then the strip. clearly any 12 volt DC power supply of 17 watt or more would do, strip rated 17 watt.

@RandomGrinch has linked to loads of options, what I find is a problem is every makes seems to use a different app on the phone, I already have TCP app, so aim for more TCP simply so all use same app, not saying TCP is good or bad, but just don't want yet another app.

Once installed all seem to work with the google home app, and I have Google Nest Mini's around the house, so then use voice commands, my idea was use a local shop, so no need for a stock, just nip in when I want a replacement, but this does not seem to be working, each time I try and pick up a bulb, I seem to have to order it and pick up next day. So may as well use internet.

However my strip lights, GU10 bulbs, and E27 bulbs are all using same app, it seems SmartLife app works with zigbee and direct to many lamps, so that's a good one, but I have TCP Smart, Smart Life, WIZ, MiHome and Google Home already, don't want any more.
Hi Guys,
As suggested by RandamGrinch, I have managed to buy 12v cob led strip which has 252 leds per meter and wonder, if I will be able to use the led switch (photo attached) for powering it.
Many thanks for help.


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No, that is a constant current 700mA supply.

You need a 12V constant voltage supply with a power rating higher than the rating of the strip.
Do you have a listing for the led strips you have bought?

The COB strips I have seen have a power rating of around 8 or 9 Watts/metre (at full brightness). it depends on the length of your mirror, but a 6W power supply may not be enough - I'm sorry if my suggestion costs you more money! :oops:
Hi RandomGrinch,
Thank you for your reply. Mirror length is 590mm x 2strip.
I am unable to confirm the watts but have written to Seller and on response, I will let you know.
Please don’t worry, I should have checked the wattage rating but no worries.
I also tried to get short pitch LEDs strip as per old ones that are 30mm apart.
Thanks for your help.

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