baxi 80 suspect faulty gas valve, or is it?

22 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom
I have a strange problem with my baxi 80 boiler, 2 nights ago when we had our first real snowfall my boiler stopped working. The flame light was flashing and the pilot would not light, I got the 10 seconds of clicking, when I looked at the handbook it suggested that it was the PCB or gas valve, I measured 240v across the PCB a1 terminals when the pilot is attempting to light. So I diagnosed it to the gas valve.

I ordered a gas valve and was waiting for it to arrive, so popped home, I thought I'd give it one last try for the 75th time, the tumble dryer had been on which is in the utility room and was hot, this sits below the boiler.

As if by magic the pilot lit and we had heating for the first time in 2 days! So I thought id monitor it and its been fine. Until today where it had gone off a couple of times although when I reset it, it fires up again.

My question is has anyone ever seen this? Do you think it could be the severe cold weather, of is the gas valve on its way out? Or could it be anything else? I'm pretty sure its not the PCB as I swapped it out with a spare PCB I have and had the same problem. Any help/ suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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DIY gas advice will not be provided on this forum.

Sounds like you require the services of an RGI.
I would get a corgi engineer in to do the job! Just looking for some advice as to what the problem could be.

I wouldnt play with gas works.
So why did you diagnose and order a gas valve if you didn't intend doing it yourself? As my name implies I wasn't born yesterday.
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So why did you diagnose and order a gas valve if you didn't intend doing it yourself? As my name implies I wasn't born yesterday.

My thoughts exactly :D

Its no Coincidence theres been an increase in gas explosions recently with people doing work like this on boilers.
I was purely following the fault diagnosis chart, u don't need to be rgi to use a multimeter! :confused:

I ordered the part as I have a friend who works at a boiler spares shop, meaning I wouldn't have to pay the extra 20 percent that you whack on parts, I'd get it at the right price! He would also sort someone out to do the work for me!

I wouldn't play with gas, I have a young family and wouldn't even risk it for a few hundred quid!

I'm an engineer so I'm able to follow simple fault finding tables to work out what the problem might be!

The fact the problem went away, I was trying to establish if this was common! I dont mind shelling out for parts and a few hours labour if it's required, but if it isn't necessary, then I will try to avoid it!

What happened to this forum? I was purely asking for some advise! I didn't expect a barrage of abuse!
I wouldn't have to pay the extra 20 percent that you whack on parts, I'd get it at the right price!
Apologies for gas men making a living but they arent a charity.

What happened to this forum? I was purely asking for some advise! I didn't expect a barrage of abuse!
There is no barrage of abuse on this thread? Just 2 RGIs telling you advice for your own safety.
Oh dear, as I have been TRYING to explain, I was never intending on putting mine or anybody else's safety at risk. Just purely looking for a bit of advice on my boiler problem that has come and gone.

I'm more than happy to get rgis in to do a proper job, but if they all have the brain capacity of you two I might just let my 2 year old daughter do it!

If I was asking how to change a gas valve I could understand your safety advice!

However all the way through this I have purely been asking for a bit of friendly advice!

I will repeat myself again and say that I will be getting a rgi in should it turn out to be the gas valve! As I have said this all the way through, its something I wouldn't attempt myself! I understand that you have to set pressure settings/ flow rates etc.

Still welcome any advice from anyone apart from tweedle dee and tweedle dum! This forum used to be brilliant!

I can understand people alerting people about safety issues.... but these two....
Oh dear. :rolleyes:

In your first post you told us you had diagnosed the gas valve to be faulty. You then said you had ordered it and were waiting for it to arrive.

At no point in that original post did you mention an RGI.

We both gave advice following the forum rules.

You then got defensive and started mud slinging.

Why do people think they know everything if they are an "engineer"?
Clearly I don't think I know everything, as I was asking for your advise! In my original post I explain that I had followed the fault diagnosis chart to find the fault.

What I couldn't understand was that if it was the gas valve, surely it wouldn't come and go?! I was asking if any experienced rgis had seen this?

I didn't intend in mud slinging, was just disappointed in the lack of help given!

Also, if you can get parts at cost price, its only common sense to get them at cost price!

As for the the engineer comment, fixing boilers is hardly rocket science! It doesn't take much to follow a flow diagram and come up with a possible conclusion as to what the problem may be! I wasn't pulling the engineer card, just mentioning that I know how to use a multimeter!
Mr Badger,

If you read the forum rules then you would see that we are not allowed to give DIY gas advice here. The two gas engineers above are just following the forum rules and even if they did give gas advice it would just be deleted.

Failing to get DIY gas advice you seem to become abusive!

It does not need much thinking to realise that a public forum is read by many people of varying capabilities and giving advice on DIY gas work if followed by some of the lesser intellects could create gas explosions.

You also state that you want to buy the valve yourself so that an RGI does not add 20% to the cost. Firstly you may be surprised to hear that we dont add 20% and secondly that no RGI who did would be prepared to do the job cheaper if you supplied the valve yourself. If their price for the job was £80 labour and £20 from the 20% then they would still want £100 to fit your supplied valve. Nor would they guarantee a valve you had supplied!

Quite obviously an RGI would diagnose and repair the boiler. You have already bought a PCB which apparently did not fix the fault and now you have bought a gas valve. All the evidence is that you buy parts yourself with the intention to fit them yourself.

How do you make the gas settings on the PCB when you change them?

What would you do if replacing the valve did not cure the fault?

I think that you are digging a hole for yourself.


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