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6 Jul 2005
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United Kingdom
I have had Baxi Bermuda back boiler with fire in livingroom for past
15 years. Maintained by Gas Board. During that time no major problems except for new pump.
On friday, 1 July British Gas Board carried out annual service.
Engineer found that flue was faulty showing on occasions some
spillage. This is not covered by service contract. Engineer closed boiler down for safety reasons and left.
No hot water or heating.
Tried 3 Corgi engineers to try and see if they could repair flue.
I asked before attending if there were knowlegable with the baxi back boiler system which they all stated they were.
The first one to attend looked at the system and spent 15 minutes trying
to take the front of the fire off. Eventually I had to show him that the boiler was accessed through releasing clips on the side.
He then said there was no point trying to repair as the back boiler
system was redundant and would be illegal next year. I asked him
to leave as he had obviously not dealt with a baxi system in his life.
The other 2 engineers stated that baxi back boilers systems were
obsolete and tried to sell me a a Combi boiler system.
I am unable to find anyone at the moment who will repair the flue and
am unsure of any costs.
My financial postition his a bit lean at the moment and would be grateful
of any advice regarding possible repair to the flue or what the future is in relation to the back boiler.
I notice in the combi system that you lose your hot water tank.
Thanks . I reside in Glasgow area.
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The back boiler system is effectively obsolete but existing units which are working safely can be retained for as long as they continue to operate. There is no date by which they have to be replaced. In a very few cases even new ones can still be fitted.

A new combi would be much more efficient and would save about 30% on your gas bill and would pay for itself over a few years.

If the flue is defective then the flue liner ( if fitted ) will need to be replaced. This is a difficult job and will need access to the top of the chimney. I would budget for at least £300 if its a two story house.

Removing the firefront is often tricky because there are so many models all with different methods, some not very obvious. I would not be worried if anyone spent up to 10 minutes working out how to do it!

Tony Glazier
Thanks for your advice Agile.
I only mentioned the fire front which 5 years old and still being sold
by Baxi.
This engineer did upset me when he told me he would require to drill
a 9'' hole in the front of my house to allow ventilation into the flue.
My next door nieghbour had a new baxi system fitted by the gas board
(he is well off !) 4 weeks ago and has no 9'' hole in his livingroom. He like me has a floor ventilation.

Who do you believe ?
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Phone BG back up, they should not leave you off without some reason for the spillage, it may well be down to weather conditions...the flue not up to temperature, lack of ventilation, blockage etc......but in the first instance I would arrange to carry out another spillage test on another day. Insufficient ventilation is easily tested by opening a window and testing again.
Rederech there's a points system which has to be gone through to determine whether your house has a viable other place to put a boiler. If so , you can't have another back boiler. Your wishes don't come into it - thank Prescott for that :evil:

There may be absolutely nothing wrong with your flue and therefore nothing which can be done to fix it. Some of them never work very well so as said above it can depend on the weather. So you COULD have an expensive new flue liner and be no better off.
Would be a case of carrying out checks on the boiler. May just be a lack of service. I regularly deal with Backboilers. While this appliance may not be efficient as a modern boiler, long term reliability (hence being out of pocket) is much better.

Rarely push a new boiler. Only done as a last resort when repairs become uneconomical.

I am in Glasgow area (Bearsden). I cannot place my email here. My profile might help.

May even be a case of spillage test not carried out correctly. Different backboilers are tested differently.
Checked your profile and your many, many many posts but am no futher forward. Checked Corgi page also no help.
What does DP stand for.
I understand if you do not wish to be identified.
Thanks for your knowledgable comments.

My e is in my profile if you want contact me I can pass it on for you
DP's last line is crucial. First thing to do would be get hold of a copy of the manufacturer's installation instructions.

How long did the guy let the flue heat up for? He should have given it 20 minutes with heat on full.
The forum forbids me displaying my email. If you look in YELL (North Glasgow- Bearsden) under central heating. Word Rannoch should help.

Alternatively, GasNews website can be used to email me.

Doitall has my details also
Hi ChrisR

At first he told me that the flue test had failed. I asked him to show me.
He let the boiler run for ten minutes and closed the livingroom door. He then lit a smoke match and the fumes all went up the chimney. He told me that it had passed.
A few mintes later he told me he would have to try the same test with
the fire which is 5 years old. He lit a smoke match, but I could'nt
see what he was doing .After the test he told me that it had failed. He condemned the system due to this, capped it and left.

He did mention that the baxi back boiler system was not good and that I
should get a combi boiler.

I like my baxi system , However ?
Back boiler has possibly three components that can potentially fail, where as combi many more to fail. Combis are OK as long as they are working. When they break down, not everyone can repair them.

I suspect you are being lined up for a sale.
the smoke match goes in a box at the side of the fire front
if no smoke issues from the hole in the side it's OK could you smell the match

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