Baxi ignition problem

21 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom

I just moved to new place and there is this Baxi Main 24 fi boiler (or whatever they are called), like this - [url] [/url]. (its on gas).
It was working ok, i never put my hands on it, exept tuning temperature or so, but yesterday I unpluged it from electricity, and then i pluuged it back, after some time i realized it wasn't working, just blinking lowest light, witch, I think, means ignition problems. I tried a lot of times to put most bottom switch to R (reset) position, then turn it back, it begins to do something, but after some time it comes back where it started - blinking light and not working :).

Sorry for my english, if you understand my problem I'd be gratefull for help. :)
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Ok, thanks, no more help needed :)

Solution was for my eyes stupid and mystic :D : i just needed the power plug stick to the socket in wall backwards :). Don't know the reason, but in one position that damn thing makes some noise for a while and ends with blinking "ingnition" light and in another starts instantly :)
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What kind of polarity could be in standart 220V socket? :) i don't know but ir works now and its ok by me
Surudijes said:
What kind of polarity could be in standart 220V socket? :) i don't know but ir works now and its ok by me

flame sensing is referenced to earth
and earth is connected to the neutral not the live at the substation
I couldn't belive my eyes when after 2 days bathing at my brother aptm and desperate to find a technician to fix my baxi 24 fi and found the most freaking solution here...

I turned my 220v plug the way around and pluged it to the wall and the bloody machine started to work just fine... :confused:

I'm a computer technician and I've never heard of such a strange solution...

anyway, my testemony... it bloody works!! :eek:

(I'm gonna have a bath now... thanks guys... :D )

As with the last poster, just wanted to say a quick thank you to all concerned for the existence of this thread!

I unplugged our Baxi Main 24 Fi boiler to change the extension lead, plugged it in again, and it stopped working properly - it would heat water briefly then stop itself, often with the flashing of the warning light described by the OP. The manual was no help. Found this thread. Unplugged boiler, put plug in the other way round, and it works perfectly!

Makes no sense whatsoever to me, but thank you! :D

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