Bodge Job?

17 Dec 2018
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United Kingdom
Just had a roofer come round. I am pretty sure you aren't meant to see any tiles in the loft? They moved a tile back and then bodged some black patch under a tile. Why not replace all the holed felt!? Granted the weather isnt great today

There was originally a hole the size of a hand in the felt. I am not confident it's water tight. Probably best always to go through insurance?

Never bothered to rid the wet insulation.

Should I do anything more about it? or Complain?

£300 for half an hour.

Completed job photo attached first photo.

My neighbours roof also isn't water tight, second photo. I did point this out but he had someone go round sand only mention my problem


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£300 for half an hour.
Yet some people moan at gas engineers charging less for a longer period :unsure: Seems rough workmanship imo and expensive. Complain to who though?
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so what has been done? I see a hole in the felt. even if the felts holed you should not have a leak
New felt goes under the old felt or run over the top of old felt from roof top to bottom.
Stops driving wind and snow getting in.
Guess that's a quick fix and easy money for roofer.
Ladder money and a bit of materials= £300.
Not going to get anyone for under £150 for that ladder work imo. insurance may not have paid as not damage?..
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Why not actually change the felt in that area instead of packing!? I am sure felt is in the roof for good reason. Looks like I am going to have to patch it up.
I'll guess not seeing outside pictures
Large area of tiles and battens needs to come off.
Not an easy or quick job .

It's why it's patched
I am sure felt is in the roof for good reason
its not your main weather proofing.
to the left of the hole there appears to be a hip? that makes things harder.
But as there are no outside images.. there can only be guesses.. Maybe jump up and do it yourself and bank the money.
Oddly enough roofs are not supposed to be "water proof", just rain proof even if the rain is being blown near horizontally. My old house has no felt and never has had but does not leak because the slates have been propery laid by a good roofer many moons ago. My roofer of a few years ago knew his trade and for example completely re-leaded a chimney for me on a previous house which took him half a day for £200 and used no scaffolding but that was 5 years ago. He was known for his expertise and often got "insurance" jobs which is how I first found him
If no water is coming through, then leave it. I believe the felt was added to protect the house builders for low quality work. The felt buys them the getting-away-with-it time that they needed. I also believe water wears through felt quite quickly.

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